Who's behind this mess?

Hello there. Thanks for dropping by.

My name is Deepak Gopalakrishnan. By day, I work at Indigo Consulting, the digital wing of Leo Burnett India. Basically, I make PPTs for a living. 

I also do some cartooning, writing and stuff once in a while. 

I love rock music, travel + photography, cycling and collecting water bottle wrappers.

Brief life synopsis (aka you might know me from):
1984 - 2000: Boring life in Bahrain. Studied at Asian School, Bahrain
2000 - 2002: Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kochi
2002 - 2006: Highly enlightening course in Chemical Engineering. Government Engineering CollegeThrissur
2006 - 2007: Standard software engineer sentence every South Indian engineer is made to go through, Accenture Chennai
2007 - 2009: Here's where things took a slight turn. MICA, Ahmedabad
2009 - now: Bombay! (Windchimes Communications -> OgilvyOne -> Indigo Consulting)

This blog was the confluence of an idea whose time had come, along with a need for quality humour writing in the mid-2000s result of my wanting to appear cool too, when other, more talented individuals pwned the online space.

There are many things much better than this blog, you'll find most of them on my blogroll.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, I don't know how to make one of those cool form-like things, so let's stick to the old-fashioned methods:

1) Mail: chuck.of.all.trades [at] gmail [dot] com
2) Facebook: www.facebook.com/chuck.of.all.trades
3) Twitter: www.twitter.com/chuck_gopal
4) Homing missile: Usually somewhere in Goregaon West / Parel, Mumbai

Thanks for taking the time to read CoD. Have a great day! :)

PS: Many people have asked me 'Why Chuck?'. So here goes the story:

PJ in Malayalam = Chali (chuh-lee). During my wilder youth, I used to be a sort of peddler of the jokes of the more groanable variety, which led to a friend christening me 'Chali Deepak' which became shortened to 'Chuck'. The name just stuck, and well, that's it!