Stuff I've done

Comics, Writing, Standup Comedy and other things to keep me busy.

This is sort of a compilation of the things I've written / drawn in various publications and haunts on the interwebz.

By day, of course, I work with Indigo Consulting in Mumbai, where I'm a Senior Planning Director. That's a fancy-sounding title for making up really nice words and pie charts to give the illusion that I've done a lot of work. More on my LinkedIn profileI also realise I might have lost half the audience at this stage by mentioning LinkedIn. Sorry. Come back.

I doodle / write a lot - though the frequency has varied over the years.

Most of the stuff I do is updated on my Facebook page


I draw comics for the popular MBA forum, PaGaLGuY, basically spoofing MBA and BSchool life, idiosyncrasies and stuff. Recently we started a new series where we look at each MBA career. A complete list of the comics can be found here: This is probably what I'm proudest of, and it wouldn't have been possible without the help of Apurv.

I write a few articles for NatGeo's 'life' blog. Good fun! 

I do B-school-centric humour, a nice little niche I enjoy. Sample show here.

Performed at:  IM Ahmedabad, IIM Kozhikode, IIM Udaipur, IIM Rohtak, Goa Institute of Management, IIM Trichy, LIBA Chennai, FMS Delhi and NMIMS Mumbai. 

My wife and I combine our love for cats and advertising here.


Enjoyed doing this bunch of political cartoons for NITI. Thanks, Kanchanda!

I did some cricket comics when I used to follow the sport here


I used to do a series for NH7, based on the Indian Indie scene and general mentality towards rock music in India. Archives here. Thanks, paperslut.

I do a bunch of things for Sify, including cartoons, graph-based humour, the odd article and the like. Most of the stuff is aggregated here.

Once in a while, I contribute humour pieces and cartoons (sadly, with very varying degrees of success) with the world's largest single-sport website. Some of the better stuff : Alternatives to tosses | Angry Birds variants for cricket | Honorary degrees for cricketers | Yes, Minister | Imagine | Wish You Were Here | Stairway to '11 | Choke at the Altar | IPL For You | Ryder's On The Storm 

1. I did a series of 5 comics for CNBC during the Budget 2013, and TIMES Now during Budget '15
2. I did a series of comics for Sony Music India, featuring the awesome Aussie prog-metal band, Karnivool.
3. Long back, did stuff for Yahoo! India,, Faking News and JamMag too.
4. Let's Snig Lets: Me and a little gang try to come up with new words of random everyday observations.
5. Did some stuff for MTV on and off.
6. And sometimes, some stuff for Huffington Post anda Reuters.

I did a series called Absolute Zero, based on Engineering college life and gadgets. Archives here. It gave me a chance to utilize some very groanworthy puns I made during my 4 years at GECT.

I (used to) write reviews for Indian Indie rock concerts in Bombay, for Chordvine and IndianRockMP3. Alas, links have expired - managed to interview Baiju Dharmajan, Warren Mendonsa, Motherjane and Avial. 

There you go. Hopefully, you'll like some of this stuff (or at least have refrained from puking). If you like what you see and want to get in touch with me (you know, to hire me for writing, to hunt me down to shoot me, for handing me the Man Booker prize, to ask if I can stop blogging for the benefit of humanity in general, or to just say hi and make franship), do get in touch.

Thanks for reading CoD!