Saturday, November 23, 2013


Short version: I love travel. Here's the Google Earth file. Enjoy. Share this post.


Long version:

So, there comes the time in every person's life where he's bitten by the travel bug.

In Mumbai, where I stay, people have the common lament that:
1. Travel is expensive
2. There's nowhere worth visiting nearby except the same ol' hill stations which are now commercialized.

I beg to differ. Maharashtra is home to some spectacular places - beaches, hill stations, treks, caves and many more. Now, I'm not a veteran traveler - indeed, the bug's bitten me only recently - but even in my short travel time, I'm astounded by the amount this state has to offer.

Self and wife went to Malshej Ghat - gorgeous greenery. We went to Malvan - stunning beaches. Heck, you can even just roam around Mumbai's forts and old city and discover amazing stuff on a weekend.

Add this to my love for Google Earth - which I believe is one of the finest programs ever. So what I did was very simple - I spent a lot of time mapping out various places that I'd like to visit in Maharashtra. And put placemarkers for them, and classified them.

Over 150 places in Maharashtra. Get off yer ass and go!

Places categorized!

And I'd like to share that file with you.

Download it from here (it's a 16 KB direct download).
Open it with Google Earth. And voila! Enjoy!

There are over 150 places, but a few disclaimers:
1. It's not comprehensive. I went through about 20 lists - from trekking websites to Wikipedia, but could have missed something out. Lemme know what these are, and I'll add them in (and update)
2. Some places are repeated. For eg: The same places might be in 'treks' and in 'forts'. And some forts might not be in 'fort' because it's in 'treks'. Kindly adjust.

Well, there you go. Don't ever complain that there are no places to visit near Mumbai or Pune. For cheap buses, check out the MSRTC website.

Well, enjoy :D

And yes - spread the word across people from Mumbai. More people need to get off their arses and go out rather than vegetate home on weekends ;)


Jassim Ali said...

Thanks Maashe ! In mumbai with wifey and a 18 month old mallu and was trawling tripadvisor and the likes..but this is Gold ! of the idukki variety

dangertoon said...

Brilliant. Thank you thank you thank you. :D

mccbala said...

Request from TN... One such Google file for our state please! :D

Anonymous said...

Great! It will be nice if you also provide the list of places in your blog. Here's a compilation of list of places to visit in Mumbai

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Archana said...

Great! Should be really useful to plan a trip.

Anonymous said...


robert said...

it would be really great if you make such post for gujarat :D padharo mhare desh :)

dimpy roy said...

Nice post!!! Its good to know these places. I had heard in one website that there are around 1254 places to visit in Mumbai that one can't see all in a month.

Charles Mathew said...

Really very nice post. I am very happy to here. Thank you. Places to visit in Mumbai

T@bbu said...

you can add more place over here such as EON IT Park, Yerwarad IT Park, Hadapshar IT Parks etc which all defines Pune as Silicon City

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Meenam Gajol said...

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