Thursday, September 12, 2013


I really wanted to post the day after the wedding, but that never happened for a variety of reasons - including being inundated with relatives and ferrying off to various temples. I apologize to any of you who were waiting for an update here before taking stock-market decisions.

Well, it's been close to two months now after the wedding. Now, I really don't want to bore you with the usual jazz of how things have changed, but what else is one to do with a post-wedding post? I can't randomly go off and talk about the Mike Mangini vs Portnoy era of Dream Theater, neither can I segue into a critical analysis of the best packaged chaas available in the market. So post-wedding stuff it will have to be. 

But I'll keep it bulleted because bullet points, for some reason, have this psychological ability to make a huge wad of text look less daunting than it actually is.

1. If anyone tells you life before and after marriage is the same - they're lying. A lot has changed, things feel different, you feel the need to make an Excel file for accounts and you suddenly realise that you need to take permission to buy your next pair of headphones.

2. We went to Bali for our vacation and what an amazing trip it was. I'll put up a separate post on that later. We had a ton of fun - beaches, scuba diving, SO MUCH SEAFOOD ZOMG, more beaches, greenery... It's an absolute paradise and if you're planning to go, I'll be more than happy to help you plan your trip (in exchange for 'he's such a nice boy, he deserves a new pair of headphones' prods to the wife)

3. When you're married, your house ceases to be one large laundry pile where you come back to pass out every day. Suddenly things find themselves into cupboards, photos go from being digital to framed on walls, a hibiscus will find its way in, and even if the only thing you watch on it is FRIENDS off a pen drive, you will have a TV. 

4. You will now be the target of 'be decent. You're married now' ridicule from friends when you attempt to do something vulgar such as read Playboy or watch Virat Kohli.

5. I wanted to call the house router 'Husband and Wifi' but that was overruled in favour of 'IP Gangnam Style'. It's hard not to be attracted to someone who can fit a technology term into pop culture and make it funny.

6. We have promised each other that there will be one weekend trip per month. We've been to Malshej Ghat thus far. Let's see how this pans out. 

7. Apparently, I am allowed to buy new headphones only if I hit 75 kg, or the dollar hits ₹45. We all know which of this is more likely, so does anyone have Raghuram Rajan's phone number? (Also, my keyboard has a rupee symbol thing. I wrote this point just to show that off)

Yeah, that's largely about it. More later. Including Bali.