Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Thanks, 2012!

The temptation to call anything 'crazy' is quite prevalent in this era where hyperbole is considered normalspeak. I myself was accused by one of India's top bloggers for labeling everything 'epic'. So it's at the risk of sounding passe, at the risk of echoing everyone who clinked glasses together last night said: It was a crazy year.

Yes, 2012 was probably the best year I've ever had, for a variety of reasons.

The career move: For one, after three immensely awesome years at Windchimes, I moved to Ogilvy, for an awesome role. Essentially, if you're getting spammed with a new Twitter promotion or an app on Facebook, you'll know who to blame.

The incessant cartooning: As many of my poor followers on Twitter would know, I churned out a few cartoons this year. Some have been hits, some have been misses. I was privileged to do stuff for many people - Sportskeeda, Pagalguy, MTV, NH7, Niti Central (I never thought I could to political toons!), Sify, Cricinfo, CrazyEngineers, Ultimate Guitar... Heck, I even did some comics for Karnivool.
I'll be the first to admit I have a long way to go (especially in terms of art!) and have just been immensely lucky with some of the stuff I do. I actually counted how much I've done, and that's... 709 comics/bylines/articles over the year. That stuns me myself :D
Thank you to everyone who's clicked a link I've put out. I hope to be as prolific in 2013... Well, with a little more quality, perhaps ;-)

The gadget acquisition: One of the resolutions of the last year was to not buy gadgets. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Good one. I bought a Wacom tablet (well, the excuse there was - it's for professional reasons. So...), an iPad 3 and a lovely Xperia S phone. And a Logitech G300 mouse. And a Casio Edifice. And an Asus Xonar Essense ST sound card. And a Sony digital camera (since I sold my DSLR). The worst purchase of the year was an electric toothbrush. Never making that mistake again.

Failed project of the year: As usual, #Project72. Maybe this year... Sigh.

Experiment of the year: Stand-up comedy. It started when Apurv, the man who really started my cartooning career, asked me to do a small set on BSchool humour at the All-India Pagalguy meet. What happened was a pretty well-received set, and I was spurred on to try more. Some went well (like the sets at IIMK, GIM and a few open-mics) but some were incredible duds (like a couple of shows at The Comedy Store, Mumbai where I tried getting my guitar on stage - those were just total bombs and I apologize sincerely if you were at the shows).
But I've got some good feedback from friends, audiences and comics, and hope to do better in 2013. For starters, there are a few shows lined up in January in BSchools. Let's see what this year holds.
Having spent 4 years making presentations to marketing managers, I'm no stranger to getting up and spouting foolish things to an audience hoping they'll like the stuff.

The show of the year: I missed Karnivool last year thanks to a surgery. This year, when I got to see them at NH7, I was fighting back quite a few tears. It was a fucking dream come true. Now if someone would just get Rush or Dream Theater down...

The people who made 2012: To all my editors. I'm sorry I bug you and your finance teams so much. Thank you for all the work you let me do. The usual gang, really. H, M, S and of course, her :)
A special mention to the Indian National Congress. Thanks to you guys, I must have drawn half of those cartoons. I owe my new phone, a few LIC premiums, turtle food and stuff to you. Thank you!

Thanks, 2012. You've been quite good to me. I hope you've given your successors instructions to carry on the good work.


Swati Dwivedi said...

Sounds good, indeed. And wish you all the best! 2012 did give you a kickass cover photo on FB. I remember that!

Kavity said...

Enjoyed your cartoons last year! Looking forward to more!

Apurv said...

Sounds like a wonderful year, and I'm honored to have been mentioned. I can't wait for what all 2013 is going to bring for you, and by what I know, it's going to be a big year. all the best.