Friday, July 27, 2012


If you're the type who likes spice - who lives and breathes by Scoville scales and whose toilet jet has seen its water being converted into steam - then here's something brilliant that you can do, that a certain someone told me.

Eat spicy stuff. Do not drink water / anything sugary. When your tongue is on fire, close your mouth. Blow slowly. Hot air over a tongue already writhing with pleasure / agony (depending on your point of view).

Soon, your mind will go to places that LSD couldn't hope to take you.


Turtles are awesome pets. They just plod along in their tank all day, and keep themselves amused. Don't make the mistake of thinking they're low maintenance, though, even if you get them for cheap. The food, the tank, the cleaning - all costs a fair bit.

They poop like souls possessed, though - and the water tends to get murkier than Satyam's account books.

So I asked my good friend Srikeit to ferry me an expensive Fluval filter when he went to the US. After waiting for it for weeks, I finally plugged it in. BOOM. India's 230 V is not equal to America's 110 V. What a freaking waste.

Some engineer I am, but then, I once called water 'condensed ice' or some such, so I'm guessing those credentials have been left behind long long ago.


I recently bought a cycle, thrilled after my doctor told me I can pedal again after that ruddy accident last year. Felt so good to have the wind on face and all that.

What did the Samajwadi Party's symbol tell the CPI(M)'s symbol after the latter was trounced in the election?
Bye, sickle!

Sorry ok.


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