Sunday, November 27, 2011


When I seemed to be recovering properly from my accident, my mother assured me that it was because of the will of the man upstairs and various petitions issued on my behalf by well-wishers.

Now that the complication actually arose and the bone broke and I had to go in for surgery again, I tried to question the efficacy of the petitions.

As usual, I was rubbished with a fair amount of irrationale.

I might as well try to hold a discussion on the finer points of prog-metal with them.

Ah, religion. One thing that separates our generation from the previous one more than anything else.

PS: No offence meant to anyone, no outrage please, etc etc and all that.

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Usha A. said...

It is funny coming to think of it. When we need something, we believe in the man upstairs and when we don't, well, we don't :)