Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As a result of the ruddy accident, quite a few things have changed in the household (a house, incidentally, which I haven't held since the accident, as I'm recuperating in a non-non-vegetarian premises at the nonce).

Firstly, of course, there was the minor matter of drilling a few screws into my femur to generally keep my thigh from detaching itself from the parent body. The please-do-not-try-this-at-home nature of the aforementioned activity caused a slight dent to the pater's bank balance, which was, till crash, funding the renovation of a home in the quaint and intolerably boring Kochi suburb of Tripunithura. Those who have to line up outside the single bathroom will now have my femur to curse.

Secondly, two prized gadgets have been lost. My portable media player, the Cowon S9, was purloined on the spot, while my HTC Desire Z in all it's QWERTY-flipout glory suffered from a rude shock from which it never really recovered, hence facilitating the need to procure a new one.

Of course, the fact that I'd been intelligent enough to carry the phone on a trek - a very rainy trek, I might add - would have had something to do with the overall atrophy of the circuits. But blaming it on the crash is more satisfying.

But you know what they say about gadgets. Sometimes it's doomed. You get this looming feeling that no matter how much you love it, no matter how much you had to take advance from your credit card to pay for it because you misjudged when your company bonus is going to arrive paid for it, no matter how proud you were of it - you somehow feel that your phone is like Harry Potter just after the pensieve scene in HP7. Doomed to be snuffed. You dread the end, the finish.

Just one week after purchasing the thing, I went from this 40% to this 19%. That's right. 'Splush' is not a sound you want to hear when you have a brand new 25,000-rupee phone in the toilet. Anyhow, displaying a  head of unusual coolness that would have done Hrishikesh Kanitkar proud, I tried every online solution - including dunking the phone in silica gel and then, rice. Later, I just took it to a shady repair shop which nonchalantly fixed it in half an hour for 350 bucks.

And since I effected its purchase on credit card, I paid for my phone's first repair before I paid for the phone itself. Surely, that's a sign of imminent doom.

Not to mention, it had a permanent 'water stain' on the screen (how cool, said the Harry Potter fan in me). And also, thanks to its aqueous sojourn, the warranty was as rendered as null and void as a CAT form with incomplete information filled in.

Every week, without fail, it displayed extreme lemming-like tendencies by succumbing to gravity twice. I counted. I should have known the end was near.

The end came with a touch screen that started behaving erratically (the first one to make a 'dementia' joke gets it on the hooter), and a phone repair person took care of the rest. I'd like to think of it as gadget euthanasia.

Anyhow, a Samsung Galaxy I9000 has been ordered, and should be here shortly. I'll know whether this one is for life or as doomed to fail as it's predecessor, depending on how badly I get my arse whooped on Wordfeud.

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Nishal Joseph said...

heart wrenching story.

had some similar experience. my 20 day old nokia e51 (with leather case) got stolen while getting off a bus.
out of grief i got another e51 with a 20k hole in my pocket.

Srikeit said...

Come to us, Lazarus
It's time for you to go.

This converstaion remains with me in vivid detail:

Chuck: Dude, I dropped it in the toilet
Me: You what?!
Chuck: I was sleepy and it slipped... How do I...
Me: You dropped. The phone. You got. Last week?
Chuck (pulling out a small packet from his bag) : I put it in rice!

Anyway, as the guy who inspired this doomed purchase, I hope the soul of that beautiful Android rests in peace.


chandra said...

Thanks for making me proactive!
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