Wednesday, August 03, 2011


There has been a lack of blogging over the last month. Apologies (or you're welcome, depending on which side of the fence you stand on) for the same.

Many of you might know what happened. Myself, Punvati, Apurv, Rajat, Mahesh and Harshal had just scaled Maharashtra's tallest peak, Kalsubai, and met with an accident later in the day. I wanted to initially write a dark, morose post about the same, but came to my senses soon enough. For those of you who don't know what happened, here's a rough outline:

1. Apurv (driver), Punvati (passenger), self (backseat) in former's i10, somewhere near Kalyan, along the highway.
2. One of the rear tires decided it had enough of life and decided to explode, in all it's vulcanized glory.
3. Tire burst (Ref: Point 2) caused the car (Ref : Point 1) to lose control. Not the best thing to happen when your vehicle is travelling at close to 70 kmph, and we rammed into a stationary truck.
4. Much chaos, blood, screaming and pain ensued, but thankfully I managed to keep my senses (I surprise myself at times) and managed to call the other car, while managing some rather helpful locals get us out of the wreck.
5. We were sent off to the nearest hospital, which happened to be in Bhiwandi. It wasn't the best place to go to, but the idea was to get to A hospital, which would atleast check us up.
6. Punvati got shifted to Kokilaben Dirubhai Ambani Hospital, Versova; Apurv got stitched up and went to Pune; and myself - I went to Fortis in Mulund where one of the best ortho docs in India put screws in my leg and patched me up, before discharging me to my uncle's place in Chembur. The Mid-Day report is here.

Needless to say, Point 3 was the scariest 3 seconds of my life. It was scary as fuck. The relief that I had when I realised both fellow passengers were alive, if not totally in their senses, was as huge as the relief when Hrishikesh Kanitkar hit that four (okay, I have a few skewed priorities).

Needless to say, thank you all for writing in, messaging, tweeting and calling wishing us a quick recovery.

Anyway - let us move away from all this morbidity, which has no place on this blog (except in the comments section, sadly).

Since then, things have been spiffy. I do nothing but read all day and watch a few movies at times. I used to be addicted to Wordfeud on Android, but that was taken care of when my touchscreen conked and went for repair. I've been on a Harry Potter kick, and now on a Wodehouse one.

Also, my parents are down here. This provides certain, er, troubles. Me, a hosteler-cum-renter for the last 9 years, am suddenly faced with immobility. I love my parents, but I prefer not to remain in the room when the conversation veers towards changing my musical tastes from Iron Maiden to the Hanuman Chalisa. Also, I am looking at the prospect of being vegetarian till around October, a task which, as Bertie Wooster is wont to say, would try the soul. If any of you can smuggle in a McSpicy for me, I will genuflect in gratitude eventually, when I am eventually able to perform that act.

Also, the trouble with being a non-compliant Tambrahm is, er, well, just that. I think Appa was more horrified by the lack of a poonal on my torso than the fact that my femur was broken and out of its socket. The immobility has, like I pointed out, some positive side effects, one of them being the fact that my participation in this year's avani avittom has been reduced to sitting in bed and reciting the gayatri japam 1008 times before changing the thread.

Also, sadly, the folks still refuse to believe goods can be costlier than they were in 1981, so the prices of some of the things I own, especially audio products, have been severely devalued before declaration. Appa reeled when I told him my Pumas cost me 2500, and they were pretty much the cheapest things in the store. This, and I hope to own the Sennheiser HD800s someday. Sigh...

Yes, that's pretty much it. I've also made mental notes for what a typical Tambrahm visit consists of. Previously, of course, I'd scurry off from the room after compliments about my recent academic achievements were made, and the dangerous topic of my Carnatic vocal classes were being touched on. Now, though, I have no means of jettisoning myself from such a situation, save pop the Kindle on and read while pretending not to listen to why Murali Mama is a bad person. But more on  that later.

Have a good August, you lot!


Satish Suggala said...

I will smuggle a McSpicy and get it packed in the veg box. Just tell me when and where to get it.
Also, HTC fixes the screen in like 3 days. Ask me, I smashed my screen in an accident too.

nullinterface said...

Dude, encouraging signs that you are doing better and feeling positive. After such a horrible event more usually than not, post traumatic stress-disorder kicks in & makes everything.. Well.. Stressed. Keep the positivity bulb on and best of luck with further recovery.

Hope to share my (similar) experience soon.

~j~ said...

Yay! Super glad to see you doing what you do best. And *that* is putting a smile to our faces. Wish you good health and the strength to deal with the parentals :)

If I can help with anything, you know how to reach me. Cheers!

Apurv said...

"Tire burst caused the car to lose control. Not the best thing to happen when your vehicle is travelling at close to 70 kmph, and we rammed into a stationary truck."

Sometimes when I look back and think (begin string section in background), ramming into the truck was the best thing to happen under the circumstances.

a. Car did not hit another moving vehicle. Let's not even imagine the results.

b. Car did not run over another human - driver would have spent his life in jail.

I have no memory from the point we had the tea break until when a doctor was injecting local anesthesia into my jaw. In fact I don't have any recollection of even leaving that roadside dhaba.

We are lucky to have survived a crash this nasty. Double luck to have a guy like Harshal in the next car. What does it take to be him?

Reminds me every day that I am not doing enough justice to this life, and there is something I am not doing which I was left alive for.

Happy birthday in advance.

anantha said...

Wow! Nice to you back, Chuck!

And what is this I am hearing about you being Tam? Suddenly from Fraud Mellu, you became Fraud Tam. Whoa! :D

Jokes apart, get well soon.

Lekshmi said...

Veggies are good for you, eat up you carnivorous Brahm ;-)
On a side note, relieved to see you back in (online) action! Take care of yourself Chuck!!

sue said...

Good to see that you're back in action... And good luck with the family and food :) Enjoy PGW!!!

Grondmaster said...

Apurv, you need to stop embarrassing me. I'm a very, very selfish man. That's why I do what I do.


Good to see Chuck back in action. Not one of his best pieces, though. Well, he is picking up the pieces, so once back together, (as it is he's officially screwed up now) he'll be back with a bang...

gogi said...

Glad you are good. Take care...

Ziltoid said...

Take care sire. Get well soon so that vinyl listening session can happen soon :D

Cow-Herd said...

Macha! I will get u that chicken burger! Promise :)

Karan Makhania (Bertie Wooster) said...

Chuck, Apurv, Harshal, never really knew what happened till I read this. I knew of Chuck's injury, but not the details. Feels terrible to find out this late, but thank God things didn't pan out worser, and they could've, as Apurv has so vividly pointed out.

Hope you are much better now, Chuck! Will call the next time I am in Bombay. I think I still owe you lunch!