Thursday, June 09, 2011


Baba Ramdev's recent decision to fast for a limited amount of time everyday has caused a considerable amount of reaction across the country. Depending on one's affiliation, the move was 'idiotic', 'convenient', 'comical', 'efficient manhour management of available resources inorder to achieve objectives with maximum efficiency and paradigm changing' or just plain funny.

One unfortunate victim of the whole thing (apart from the Government of India itself) has been former Indian pace-bowler B. Venkatesh K. Prasad. It all started quite innocuously as, when various South Indian jokers on Twitter went overboard as usual, called the Baba's move a 'semi-fast', a 'moral fast' and, in natural progression, a 'medium-fast'. With the top-of-mind recall that Prasad has in this area, he was automatically linked to the, er, medium fast by the Twitterati.

"Hahaha. It fits so well, doesn't it? Baba Ramdev didn't even complete a fast. Hence it was a medium fast. And who has better expertise in that than Venkatesh Prasad?", quipped a Twitter user called Mahesh before hiding himself in the corner. "A fast is supposed to intimidate and cause bellies to quiver when it starts. However, if executed with half-heartedness, then it just becomes comical and not too many people take you seriously. Just like what happened with both of these parties here, no?", opined a character who simply called himself S.

This punning didn't stop with the general Twitterati. A famed butter brand, known for spoofing everything around us, created an ad which showed Prasad and the Baba talking through an old-school string-and-cup phone setup, and they called it 'Medium of communication'. In a rare attempt at humour, the mathematics division at Brilliant Tutorials in Chennai released a comic where Baba Ramdev said "I am mean!", Venkatesh Prasad said, "I am median!".

The comparision has obviously left a lot of Prasad fans infuriated. "This whole thing is not ok.", tweeted out a gent called T. Ray, bringing the famous Bengali passion to the fore. "Have people forgotten about how Aamir Sohail's offstump got uprooted? Or the time when he decimated Pakistan in the World Cup and at Chennai?", outraged a Prasad fan from Bangalore.

Baba Ramdev himself is quite nonplussed by all the jokes floating around. "Don't tell anyone - but all this is a sly social media campaign for myself - see how many times I've been able to get myself to trend over the last month. Haha, top-of-mind Baba recall! Now in a couple of months, noone will remember all this, but the name will stick, and my businesses will flourish! Huzzah!", said the man. If our sources are to be believed, the marketing department at IIM Ahmedabad are keen on getting him to lecture their students.

The bowler himself is not amused by the humour floating around at his expense. Last heard, he is attempting to file a case against the Twitter users who started this trend. He is in the process of identification of a middleman for this purpose.


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Will Baba eat Prasad after he ends the fast?

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The mean & median part.... Priceless! Awesome post, this!

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