Wednesday, March 16, 2011


It was an incredible sight on Sunday at Fame Adlabs, Andheri, when 47 cricketers from various countries stormed into Hall 6 to apparently watch Dum Maaro Dum. Critics claim the real reason they were present was to promote some minor cricket tournament called the ‘ICC World Cup’.

‘These buggers – some nerve, they have. Coming shamelessly to a theatre and promoting their silly little tournament. Is there no sanctity left in this world anymore?’, fumed lead actress Bipasha Basu.

When it was pointed out that the entire cast of the film had, indeed, shown up at Nagpur to promote the film support the team a week back, she floundered and replied, “Err... Ah, well, that indeed... Well, that way, we are only showing our, uhm, support for our team and the, er, national game, no?”

On being told that hockey, indeed, was the national game, she had this to say, “Oh what? Really? They should have something like a Hockey Premier League, no?”

On being told that such a league did, indeed, exist, that too, years before the IPL, she gave up and ran to John Abraham for cover.

In the meanwhile, Lalit Modi, who was nearby, fumed at the fact that such a league existed. “Nevairrrr. How could a league other than the IPL exist? This is outrageous, I say. I order this league to be banned.” He was then told that not only could the BCCI not ban leagues of other sports, but he infact was ousted from the BCCI and could not do anything anymore. “Oh well, guess I’d better sit down and watch this movie, then, no?”, he said, exchanging dirty looks with Shashi Tharoor who was present in a Kochi Tuskers Kerala jersey.

In the meantime, the cricketers claim innocence. “What’s wrong, can’t a bunch of cricketers come to enjoy a movie?”, asked MS Dhoni. On being asked whether this was in retaliation to the whole of the cast showing up at the South Africa game, he answered, for the 923472349th time in his career, “Well, of course.”

On being asked whether an event as large as the Cricket World Cup really required any further promotion, Yuvraj Singh had this to say: “Hey, I came for the free food. Quit the cricket questions.”

Saurav Ganguly was unavailable for comment as no one invited him. Last heard, his manager was trying to get him a free pass to the screening.


This post inspired a Faking News post here: Yayness! :)


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