Friday, February 04, 2011


Poor 1984-onwards- Indian cricketers. Every four years when they step into a World Cup, the hype surrounding them is so massive you would need a truck to carry it (the same truck of Sidhu-propogated-gap-between-bat-pad-so-large-truck-could-drive-through fame).

And it’s all their fault. Those Kapil’s Devils. That miraculous win. Teams of today will always be compared to them. “They hardly had any numbers. Today we have tens of thousands of runs and still can’t win”, we moan. Yes - It’s all their fault that today’s team has baggage. Innit?

In any case, here’s what the Indian fan of today would probably sing to himself, every World Cup.

To be sung to the tune of Bryan Adams’ Summer of ’69.


We got our first real feeling,
Down at the St. John's Wood,
Jimmy's three and Llyody got harried,
Who'd have thought we'd get so far?

Oh I see the replays now
Those seamers seemed to go for ever
And if I had the choice
Damn, I wish I could have been there.

That was the best day of our lives.

Ain't no use in complaining,
We almost had number two,
Spent my evening Ponting-abusin’,
How could we lose, I ask you, yeah!

Standin' on victory's door
We threw it away in
that year.
And if Zak had a choice
Yeah, he'd erase that
first over.

That was the worst day of our lives.

But now we're playin' fine,
We are young and restless.
We're coming from behind.
Hope this form can last for ever, for ever, yeah!

And now the times are changin'
Players, teams - they've come and gone.
Sometimes when I get that ol' feeling
I hope this year, it don't go wrong.

For all of this Feb and March
You can feel the rising fever
And touch wood, fingers crossed
April 2'll be a day to remember.

It could be the best day of our lives.

Oh yeah.
Like that summer of '83.

Not like Azhar's boys in '99.


This is a preview of a series of such 'songs' me and Krish Ashok will be doing on Cricinfo. Hope you liked this, there are going to be lots more.


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