Thursday, February 17, 2011


Another one of those hashtag compilations. This happened a long time ago, though.

@gradwolf: Andheri Side of the Moon

@mokkai_mak: Jugbandra blues

@chuck_gopal: Sion on you Crazy Diamond

@mikhail666: Not now, Raj

@wewakesaynoy: Vashi you were here

@HippieLePew: Intersteller Marine Drive

@bobin_james: Great Fog in the Sky

@b50: Piper at The Gateway of Dawn

@atulkarmarkar: Any Kurla You Like

@bobin_james: San Tacruz

@adi_ses: Another Brick in the Chawl

@HippieLePew: Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Vada Pav

I'm sure there are many more - if you guys think of any, do pop them in the comments, and will add and credit them.


Atul Karmarkar said...

Dadar Side of the Moon

The Final Karjat

The Dombivili Bell

The Great Dahi Handi in the Sky

Bandra Damage

The Dogs of Wadala

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Awesome, Atul - will add these and a few more I got from Twitter later today.