Wednesday, December 01, 2010


It's that time again where I run out of ideas so basically I fill up space by pimping others' ideas. Heck, if they can do it, so can I.

So we turn our attention, on World Aids Day, to some fun with contraceptives.

@rameshsrivats: Muthalik Condoms : Will not allow fertilization unless the sperm marries the egg first.

@abhishekmadan: Adarsh Society Condoms: This erection is illegal.

@rameshsrivats: Shahid Kapoor Condmos.

@gkhamba: Manmohan Singh condoms. So polite you won't feel a thing.

@fakingnews: Hurriyat condoms. Use it after getting stoned.

@gkhamba: Paulo Coelho condoms. Available at Alchemists.

@maxdavinci: IIPM condoms: Dare to dream beyond durex

@diogeneb: Ferozshah Kotla Condoms. Dead rubber guaranteed.

@fakingnews: Media condoms. Now covers itself.

@fakingnews: Chetan Bhagat condoms. Available in two states for one night at call center.

@rameshsrivats: Ravi Shastri Condoms : Just what the doctor ordered.

@rameshsrivats: Kareena Condoms : For er... Saif sex.

@rameshsrivats: Mamata Condoms : Guaranteed that there won't be berth.

@siddev18: A.Raja Condoms: Hits 2G spots at a time

@rameshsrivats: @diogeneb Condoms : Moc'd son

Sorry if I missed out on some epic ones, Tweetdeck lost all my pre-6 PM tweets and searching for 'condom' on Dec 01 is not the smartest thing to do.

As I end all my Twitter compilations - follow these buggers. They're freakin' funny.

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Alka Gurha said...

Wow! This is some imagination...very innovative..ha.ha