Monday, November 08, 2010


It's been a reasonably good year, yes. Good bunch of comic-making, gigs, a new camera, moving in with one of my best pals and all that. Yes, no doubt, when the sun goes down on 2010, and me and my friends are left with a drink in our hands and a contemplative mood in our hearts, the year will be looked back at fondly and a toast will be raised to the same.

However, nothing's quite perfect. Like a Laxman innings.

2010 also saw one of the biggest bombs as far as personal projects go. I speak of, yes, #Project72. Now incase the question on your lips is, What the hell is #Project72, I recommend you take a quick detour to this post.

Yes, the grandiose plan of getting the scale to 72kg by the end of the year looks doomed to fail. Unless one of the following happens:
1. Liposuction
2. Dismemberment of a body organ
3. I stop eating

Now, neither is the best way to go about things, and as any dietician / website-where-you-can-get-same-gyaan-as-dietician-will-give-you-for-free will tell you, trying to lose too much weight at once should never be done. Hence, with about 50 days left in this year and over 10 kg to go, it looks plain to say that #Project72 will be a monumental disaster.

But we must always look to take positives and learnings out of our failures. Otherwise where would we be, no? So just like 'We were just way too cocky, maan' was the learning for the West Indies 1983-final-making team, I had my own learning for this year:

"Eating one pack of potato chips and rationalising that it's healthier eating than 5 Big Macs, 5 bottles of Thums-Up, 10 bars of Snickers and 25 pedas is NOT good reasoning."

Yeah, we've all done it at some point, ain't we?

(Impulse-purchase-while-at-Landmark-queue time)

Oh yum! A bar of Snickers!
But I really shouldn't be eating that. It's bad for me.
Oh heck, it's got nuts. Nuts have proteins and stuff so the good part will compensate for the bad parts. And I'll walk down instead of taking the escalator. There we go!

(snacking time at home)

Ooooh. Look, a pack of popcorn!
But I shouldn't be eating that. It's bad for me.
Oh well, atleast it's not as bad as ordering a pizza, what?

(ordering a pizza day)

Yum! Pizza!
Damn, I really shouldn't be ordering a pizza. What of my plans to control diet and stuff?
Oh well, I'm ordering only a medium. It's not as bad as ordering a large, surely.

And so on.

The good news is, of course, I'm starting to have my daily bowl of Oats everyday and there are major plans of resuming cycling. Like major. Also, I have purchased a weighing machine, which mocks me everyday. So that should act as some motivation.

Also, with #Project72 being a monumental failure in 2010, it gives me one less thing to think about for 2011 - a resolution. The time thus saved could be say, used to make a comic. That comic might be noticed by some talent scout from a major comics company in the US. I might draw for them. I'll become famous. I'll have a house on the Malibu, and a nice BMW and a 98 inch LED TV. And Sennheiser HD800s also.

Ok, now I'm being a little too positive.

Time to go have another liter of my daily water quota. Ta!


Atrisa said...

Chucky! I've missed such posts! Cute it was, and so true. And by that I mean it applies to everyone :P

Maybe 72 can be made 77, that's easier to achieve, plus it has a nice ring to it ;)

P@ul@mi said...

agreed with Atrisa. let it be a 77. and hopefully your weighing machine will say more than mine which is stuck at a particular number since eternity. Besto for you!

Punvati said...

1. What, pray, is this "The Malibu"?

2. Heh.