Monday, October 04, 2010


Some random stuff happened on Twitter, which I shall shamelessly pimp here.

Harry: Printer was almost out of ink, so I had to get 50% of this done with my blood. 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prints, eh?

Harry: Let's all go to Chennai and join Bikaang I say! 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter and the Order Of the @bigfatphoenix, eh?

Hermione: Yikes! Harry and Dumbeldore are smoking up! 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stoned, eh?

Hermione: Oh no! Harry just died listening to Iron Maiden's best track! 
Ron: Hmmm, Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallowed, eh?

Hermione: Oh no, Harry's been arrested, & only Mamta knows by whom! 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter the Prisoner of... Ask-a-Banerjee, eh? #desperate

And, lastly (thankfully)

Hermione: Harry's smoking up in the loo, and playing with clay! 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter the Potter with pot on the pot, eh? #NowIWillStop

I couldn't get one for Chambers. Help? 

(Talk about real-time collaboration! Just before I hit 'Publish Post', @Udupendra comes up with this gem - mildly modified of course)

Hermione: Harry's gone off to a furtive location in a suburb on the Harbour Line!
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter and the Chembur of Secrets, eh?

Honourable mention: @SrinivasanMayur and @iPrash both thought of Chembur of Cigarettes.

Fun, fun, fun!

If you want more pottery, I suggest you take a look at this.


Epitome Of Insanity said...

ha ha...this is good chucky cheese!

But *cough!* Iron Maiden has much better tracks than Hallowed be thy name. Its their most popular maybe..but IMHO not the best :)

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Contentious, isn't it? There are many Maiden moments I like better (tops being the little instrumental bit in 'Afraid to Shoot Strangers'). But I think as a song, HBTN will always be tops for me.

Have too many other favourites - will put them down in a post one day, just like I did that Beatles thing.

Thanks for sticking around :)

Punvati said...

Harry potter just peed in the personal loo of the host of American Idol!

Harry Potter and the Chamberpot of Seacrest, eh?


periya perumal said...

This is the best Potter series of jokes i have ever heard. You rock :)

P@ul@mi said...

OK!! eh??!! seriously this was a nice post. :)

Kartikay said...


relativelytruthful said...


no! no! no!