Monday, October 04, 2010


Some random stuff happened on Twitter, which I shall shamelessly pimp here.

Harry: Printer was almost out of ink, so I had to get 50% of this done with my blood. 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prints, eh?

Harry: Let's all go to Chennai and join Bikaang I say! 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter and the Order Of the @bigfatphoenix, eh?

Hermione: Yikes! Harry and Dumbeldore are smoking up! 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stoned, eh?

Hermione: Oh no! Harry just died listening to Iron Maiden's best track! 
Ron: Hmmm, Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallowed, eh?

Hermione: Oh no, Harry's been arrested, & only Mamta knows by whom! 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter the Prisoner of... Ask-a-Banerjee, eh? #desperate

And, lastly (thankfully)

Hermione: Harry's smoking up in the loo, and playing with clay! 
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter the Potter with pot on the pot, eh? #NowIWillStop

I couldn't get one for Chambers. Help? 

(Talk about real-time collaboration! Just before I hit 'Publish Post', @Udupendra comes up with this gem - mildly modified of course)

Hermione: Harry's gone off to a furtive location in a suburb on the Harbour Line!
Ron: Hmm, Harry Potter and the Chembur of Secrets, eh?

Honourable mention: @SrinivasanMayur and @iPrash both thought of Chembur of Cigarettes.

Fun, fun, fun!

If you want more pottery, I suggest you take a look at this.