Thursday, September 30, 2010


Let's face it.

Most of us are either:
a) Too drunk
b) In the presence of families

when we make our New Years Resolution. If it's the former, you're liable to say all sorts of things, including "I shall convert to Zoroastrianism by July", or "I shall achieve sales of 150% in my region" or, most ludicrously, "I shall reach 72 kg by the end of the year". If it's the latter, you'll be sober, but will still say things like "I will be a good boy" or "I shall not abuse while driving", or if you're TamBrahm, "I will get first rank in class. I will also take Carnatic classical lessons and will wear my poonal at all times and not just while visiting my grandparents."

The bottom line being, New Years' Resolutions are made in a flight of fancy, never meant to be taken seriously, and typically don't last beyond the first weekend. Especially since there's a time frame of 365 days to do it in.

Which is where the concept of New Months Resolutions steps in.

Face it, we've all been doing this at some point in our lives. "The first of the month is here! This month I shall save!" or "I shall have beer only once this month." or, still absurd, "I shall renew my year's resolution to get to 72 kg by the end of the year from this month onwards!".

It's not difficult to see why they're popular. They're easy to keep. They last for about 2 days on average, which still equates to 24 days a year, as opposed to the annual version which lasts for a week (ref: a few paragraphs up). Also, they tend to be private, as noone is liable to ask you "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT's YOUR MONTH'S RESOLUUUUTION?!!!!". See? You can make a little promise to yourself saying that you'll make sure all your Excel sheets are formatted properly this month, and won't have to worry about anyone asking you about it.

And like cricket went from Test to ODI to T20, we have a 'weekly resolution' as well.

You know - the feeling that hits you on a Sunday evening when you think, "Shit, I just wasted that week. Next week onwards, I shall pwn!". Me for instance - I've been trying to keep my personal timesheet at work diligently. But it lasts only till about noon on Mondays. Oh well.

Anyway, happy new month, people.


Spaz Kumari said...

poonal you'll wear anyway. if my knowledge of tam-brahm boys serves me right, your resolutions will be about doing the sandhyavandanam :)

i don't like making resolutions. i like making 'life goals'. and i like making them inside my mind so no one has the bad taste to bring them up when i'm dying and nothing has been done about them.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Sandhyavandanam - HAHAHAHAHAHA :D Ok sorry, what a poor example of a PI am I!

SYCO said...

Thansk a lot really nice post...

Keep it up ...