Friday, August 06, 2010


No seriously. Where would our dreary lives be without fransheep makers?
Following is the entire conversation one of my frands... Er, friends, had with a person who was obsessed with her. What makes it even more hilarious is that it wasn't even her real profile, there are no pictures or details of her, apart from a Calvin & Hobbes DP.

Slightly disturbing, yes.

Anyway, without further ado, furnished below is the full transcript for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

This suave gentleman's profile states that he's born in 1950. If there's one thing that can be said about him, he has a set of rather inspirational quotes on his profile, the first of which is a "Gandhi, M.". However, the last quote is his own, and that tends to negate things.

We love fransheepers, don't we?

Anyway, here's something I sent a friend on Friendship Day who complained that she hadn't received any friendship bands this year:

Soon after that, I made another one for another really really good friend who didn't get any friendship bands.

Such fun.


Punvati said...

Show your fraanship. Link me :P

Spaz Kumari said...

i iz featured on a celebwity blog!

i iz a star!

*puts on sunglasses and poses for the paparazzi*

Commentor said...

Its not a funny post.Loved your sheep designs.
But the original post shows how DUMB your "friend" is (instead of putting on sunglasses,she should take some iq tests), adding unknown nigerians as her friends on facebook and then publicly sharing the stuff that was obviously going to happen.
I dont know why it was even a post-worthy stupidity !
It only shows again that many Indian women unlike the nigerian's belief will desparately (also men) add any foreigner to have some ego-fulfilling praises , probably she wouldn't have found it weird if it was from a white gentleman....just saying

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...


1. Thanks for the sheep design thingies

2. Uhm. You do realise it was the Nigerian who initiated the discussion. You can send Facebook messages to people who you haven't yet added as a friend. This pretty much negates the rest of your arguments, I'm afraid.

3. The Nigerian dude tracked her down, saw a profile with NO PICS or information on it, messages her and says he is in love with her and wants to marry her. And you're saying my friend needs an IQ test? Really?

4. I won't comment on the level of English used by the guy because that's not his language of choice. So I'll pass on that.

5. It would possibly have been weirder if it were from a Caucasian.

Thanks for taking the time to comment, but you do realise your basic argument is flawed - since it was never my friend who added the chap.


Uncommentor said...

Commentor, excellent points. Further, you must do the following:
a. Pull head out ass.
b. Wash with shampoo.
c. Ass smells better.

Punvati said...

Google vs. Yahoo. Whatay entertainment.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Yay! Finally some hate-type comments on CoD!

* puts popcorn in the microwave *

Commentor said...

1. :)

2.Yes obviously.WHile people can message you (please see point3 for this OPTION of Facebook) it is totally our call to reply or not.

3.Why are 'pics' important in wanting to add someone who we donot know or in aspirations of marriage?
Yes she needs an IQ test because while anyone can send messages to you on Facebook (an option PRIVACY settings lets you disable as well,should you wish so by the way) it is not necessary to reply to every message that reeks of stupidity and desperation.
4. --
5.How so? Anyway I stand by what I wrote earlier.

I donot think the argument is flawed on my side as it wasn't necessary to keep the conversation going ,esp. since it was a message, as inboxes are personal. Besides what fun is to be had when the other person doesnot even understand the language the lady chose to reply in? And would she have replied to the million lame indian fraaandship requests etc ?

@Uncommentor Well done. Must be friend of the blogger or the 'friend' in question. When I posted the flaw in the 'friend' in question your reply is to attack in the lowest manner possible. Gain your CHUCKles in this manner if it pleases you so, no more comments from me as this entire post specially due to the lady and Nigerian donot derserve undue attention.

come 'n' trr said...

1. @commentor @uncommentor

2. now, what i don't get is, how did @commentor know / decide that the friend putting on the sunglasses in the comments section is the same as the friend mentioned in the blogpost who added Mr Dare Remi, (may his sneezing or hiccups stop)

3. this numbering shit is awesome

4. though i do agree with the commentor, this is not a funny post. the comments section, however, is another story.

5. this anonymity shit is awesome. i can diss everyone!

6. another thing, you'll protect the identity of your friend by hiding her fb identity, but just because that nice nigerian chap who thinks so highly of indian women (if only he knew) and has impulsive desires to ask them to marry him (i know the feeling) sent such messages, you will let his identity hang out there, vulnerable to other such attacks. I mean, his actions, even if you feel they were inappropriate, do not merit his identity being discussed on your blog. The reasonable response is just to block him. However, i'll concede ground on this point, in case you feel strongly that you were justified.

7. hmm,which search engine or subliminal message should i use as my URL?

8. wow, is it 8 points already? was the blog this long?

9. @me, see point 1.

Uncommentor said...

@Commentor: Never met the blogger, don't know the subject of the post.

You don't the background of who added whom when. So your extrapolation is a good indicator of your IQ levels as well.

And what - women should always shut up when a man says something to them? That's rich. I think she was having her fun by replying to someone stupid just for the heck of it. I totally get where she's coming from. I'm doing it myself right now.

@Come 'n' trr: XKCD FTW. Anonymity shit FTW. Numbering shit FTW. Agree about hiding Nigerian man's identity.

Anonymous said...

Circumstances are the rulers of the weak, instrument of the wise.............................................................

Anarchy said...

This blog is officially complete I say :D

You have bullet-pointed comments, your very own controversy regarding the appropriateness of a post (Dunno if that's a word at all :D ) and finally a "Confucius says" fortune cookie!!!
What else can a person ask for??? ;)

PS: Frandsheep band was a nice touch :D

The New Age Superhero said...

shit! no one told me about comment wars happening.. glad i did not miss :)
this is so cool.. please don't stop.. i don't have a life.. this is my entertainment :)

王辛江淑萍康 said...


Lekshmi said...

Ooh... Comment wars! How did I miss this?!! Now you've truly 'arrived' Chuck! :-D