Friday, June 18, 2010


I was overwhelmed at the response my first #bloglike series got, so that kinda spurred me on to do some more. While I was too lazy to put together four bloggers again, I did manage to put this little thing together.

This little ditty is #bloglike that legendary fellow who sticks (hehe) to his puns guns - Sahil Rizwan aka the Vigil Idiot - the brilliant movie-spoofer!

(please click the image to view it properly, can't seem to resize it any further)

Hopefully, this will get me a few proposals as well. At last count, the Vigil Idiot has 18, has he explains on his anniversary post here. And we really may have only one crazy Mallu to deal with, as we have theorized here.

Oh, and those of you un-enlightened souls who haven't seen Silsila yet, do the following:

1. Purchase life insurance.
2. Watch this.

Good luck.


Nandhini said...

GAHAHAHA! :D And this from someone who has suffered through extensive rants on the (in)famous Silsila but hasn't watched it yet.
I shall off and watch it now. Gahaha! *has gleam of inspiration in eye*

Anonymous said...

How I want to kill the Producer of Silsila or Kill myself..

Anirudh said...

kudos.. you have released the silent whimpering of mallus the world over.. Merci, mon ami.