Friday, May 21, 2010


Standard Indian activities such as cricket matches, stock market trading, running of Mumbai local trains, drooling over Deepika Padukone and bitching about and watching some fool getting married publicly, all came to a halt today as the entire nation is excited about the visit of one Mr. Vishal Thyagarajan from the States.

A tweet by the said Mr. Thyagarajan ("Yeah! Arrived yesterday yarly maarning. Ready the livers I say!") has already created ripples across the nation, and it seems small fries pretending to be as cool other luminaries have doubled up their efforts to invite him to their respective cities.

"Waaaaaaow! Vishal Thyagarajan is in India! Now I get to show him my Vishal tattoo! Yipay!", said an excited Tony Sebastian, before getting back to churning out this: "Humanitarian desire for all to have sight resulting in visiting Vulcan luminary (6_1)", possibly marking the first time an underscore made its way into a crossword clue.

"This is incredible! I can't wait to see him! Must buy crates and crates of beer and Indian chicken. Poor sod must have been suffering with that bland KFC for so many months now.", said Mumbai Mallu Deepak Gopalakrishnan before cutting himself short so he could finish writing this post.

"Dang, Anna is back, eh?", said #KoraK, disappointed the limelight was clearly taken away from him.

"Where's my Game Boy, dad?, asked #Dhruv in typical fashion, turning a blind eye to all the hoopla around him.

"I pop out of the goddamn country for one month and Vishal comes along. Next thing you know, while I'm inaugurating my space station in Alpha Centauri, IRSquared will come along for a visit. Gah!", said world renowned fashion designer and matured barley expert Shri Narendra Shenoy, who displayed skills of skillfully tweeting on his Symbian phone while taming an African tiger who tried to steal his beer.

Mr. Thyagarajan himself was quite nonplussed at the hype surrounding his visit. "Big deal, I'm no superstar. Just a regular TamBrahm dude who happens to know Led Zeppelin better than the band members themselves.", he said before running to take cover from a mob of excitable young schoolkids with autograph books.

Women across the country were not available for comment as they had all fainted on hearing the news. Last heard, sales of smelling salts across the country have also been going up.


Sriram said...

HAHAHA man!! Hilarious :D notytony's clue kicked ass!

Vishal said...

Hahahahaha, you are nuts machan.

vanwinkle said...

lol u ve accorded vishal_c rockstar status eh?:)hilarious read :)

kartographer said...

Hahaha good stuff. XD

i_r_squared said...

Is this a subtle hint to me to stay away from India until NS has built a space station in Alpha Centauri and organizes a grahapravesam for it?

narendra shenoy said...

haha! Your life hangs by a thread, impertinent one! And rofl @i_r_squared

black_dragon said...

I’ll probably be back again to read more. Thanks for sharing this with us. Kudos!