Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Warning: If you're an Arsenal fan, you're advised not to read further. Instead, head over to the blogroll, and read something funnier.

Well-known is my ability to take meaningless little things and turn them into full-length blogposts. So even if you're a delivery boy coming home to drop off some aata and oil (and a pack of Cheetos, don't tell anyone), beware, two minutes later there could be a blogpost with a few fabricated lines.

And while this is great for the Googlability of relatively unknown kirana stores, not too many would take kindly to being featured unsolicited on a blog that has 'dementia' in the title.

In any case, we come to this rather nice Twitter conversation I had with R about, well... You'll figure out.

Chuck: Arsenal's blog is called Arseblog? Aren't they just arseking for trouble? You could get arsearseinated on Twitter with a name like that!

R: We shall wait for a rebuttal from them. I'm also waiting to get to the bottom of this.

Chuck: They should have hosted that blog on say, Posterious. Oh well, what can I say. They're better thAN US.

R: Maybe they will rectu... I mean, rectify it. Soon.

Chuck: I don't think so. We'll have to get behind them.

R: Guess so. They're the butts of too many jokes already. Bummer.

Chuck: But what to do. They gaand do anything about it now, can they? They may just have to back off

R: Yes. And if they don't do so, we'll have to explain it to them using analogies.

Chuck: Last heard, a gent called Chandy was working on the same #doyouthinkitstimewestopped 

R: #ifyousayso

We'll be back after we think of something nice for Sheffield Wednesday.

PS: This exchange also reminded me of something one of the jokers (not sure which one) said: "The only thing #kvlt about Arsenal is that they have a manager named Arsene. So Urinal should be managed by Urine."
(Edit: Guilty party found)


Some absolutely brilliant comments just added to this post. Be sure to check them out.


Tastemaster said...

Very Fanny. :P

Wewake said...

Arsene always talks in hindsight :D

Slym said...

Bottoms up mate!!! cheers!! :D :D

Atrisa said...

On an unrelated note, you are fooling people into thinking MICA is cool. Stop being so awesome online!

Vinod Raman said...

That's some cheek you guys showed! Hilarious stuff :)

Sivandaf said...

Is that their blog's name? I'm bummed out.

Chriz said...

good one chuck.. way to go.. came here thru ur twitter page.. :)

soin said...

bah you guys can twist anything

Anonymous said...

... And that last comment is, I think, the greatest compliment I've received yet.

- R.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Hahahaha! Hindsight! Killer! :D

Sirka pyaaz said...

Arsene Wenger is superear to most managers. Maybe he should coach the bung-ladesh football team.
This is a hilarious post(erior). The follow up comments, however, were very alimentary puns.
Wenger is stupid 'but talks' like a hero.
First time reading your blog. Love it:)

Sirka pyaaz said...

I'm adding you to my blogroll.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Sirka: Super-rear! Damn, how'd we miss that!

Thank you :)

Gypsy Qveen said...

Love the "Fanny" comment! And then the rest to follow! and the post was just funny as hell! first read of the blog, added to my RSS on outlook so that i can keep reading you!I need to start writing funny too :P

Srivardhan said...

Lols! This is truly edge-of-the-SEAT! Kickass! :D

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

The comments on this post are absolutely hilarious! Thanks for reading, chaps!