Saturday, March 06, 2010


So this is the scene: You and your new wife (As in, you've just been married. Not that you availed of some exchange offer) and you've decided to splurge that 20k you've saved up, on a nice little retreat in Kodaikanal. Why not, you say, it's a nice wonderful place, and it also happens to be in the author's homestate.

While you're getting up close and comfy, of course, you don't want anything to spoil that first moment. So the last thing you'd want to find in your room at that time is your third occupant walking in and saying, "I think I'll just sit down and read on the chair. Hope you don't mind" or "Hey, move over. Barcelona is playing Sheffield Wednesday today. How can you people sleep when such fun is happening on TV?" or "Mind if I smoke? Can't let the complimentary cigars go to waste, can we?"

"Wait, wait, rewind", you, the discerning audience say. "What be this nonsense?", you no doubt ask. "Aliya! Free cigars! Kollam!", the more Mallu of you might point out. But yes, the true chagrin and incomprehensibility comes from the discovery that there's a third member in this allegedly (see how I italized it to look like TOI?) intimate scene! A kabab-mein-haddi if you will.

Tell me then, dear reader, what you make of this.

Your guess is as good as mine.

PS: Thank you to my friend Mohnish for forwarding this to me. And that Yahoo! Group that's been watermarked on the image for finding it in the first place.


Atrisa said...

Patni, Patni or Woh.

Jil Jil Ramamani said...

Oh come on, that just shows they are open to you getting kids along and that they don't give step-motherly treatment to such families ;)

soin said...

BrownPhantom said...

A practical stingy application could be when three couples are going together and they take just two honeymoon suits.
They gonna have to manage the schedules efficiently though.

Chinkurli said...

LOL. and ROTFL at the TOI thing :D

Anonymous said...

Maybe the name of the hotel is Three's company too or it is Hotel Decent (of Jab we met fame).

Neethi said...

LOL!!!threesome to avoid first timers' reluctancy!!!!:P

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Archie: Bwahahahahaha! Comments prize for you!

@JJR: Now, that's an analysis that went right over my head ;)

@Soin: Dirty mind!

@BP: Haha! Again, fantastic analysis! You guys have just rationalised this whole thing!

@Chinkurli: ;) Who doesn't love taking ToI's case?

@Tilo: Haven't seen the movie, I don't think I'm missing much :)

@Neethi: And having a third person in the room is going to help overcome reluctancy? :D

Thanks for the comments, junta!