Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Righto. I had approximately two comments asking for Part 2 of this series (eh? What series?), which is enough for me to crack the knuckles and hit the keyboard (or in my case, flex the thumbs and hit the keypad).

Today, a very important lesson.

Double Entendres

DEs (as we shall affectionately call them) are the life and soul of PJs. A wise Chinese comedian once remarked, Doublo Entrendro Mastero woh hai PJ mastero, and by saying this he effectively won over PJ makers from both countries, confused Sino-Indian border residents and the six surviving victims who saw Chandni Chowk to China.

DEs usually involve finding a double meaning. Unlike in the previous lesson, where we learnt how to break down a word, DEs involve changing the meaning of the whole word itself. What this sadly means for the word in advisement is that if it doesn't have a double meaning, alas, it cannot be DE-ed. That is to say, the DE-ed cannot be done.

Let me demonstrate with an example:

Q: What do you call an orientation program for electrical engineers?
A: Induction programme

Get it? Thanks to the slightly more cerebral nature of DE jokes, fewer people are likely to get them. But the quality is higher than the deconstructed-word jokes, often deemed by critics as 'desperate'. One more example:

Q: Marketing a quad-urinal must be very easy. Why?
A: It always has 4 Ps.

SubType: The Audience Engagement type aka the Interactive Double Entendre aka IDE

DE jokes are at their most potent when someone else begins the conversation, rather than you delivering the Q and A by yourself (some call this technique audience interaction). For instance:

Person 1: Alright. Goodnight
You: Mortein

Here, Person 1 has no right to throw a brick or some such object at you because he invited the joke upon himself. Some more examples of such interactivity:

Person 1: So much theft happening in manufacturing companies these days.
You: Must be the work of the Steal companies.

As you would have no doubt appreciated, audience interaction jokes are very contextual. Spinning this into a standalone, single-delivery PJ would be slightly desperate looking and wouldn't have the impact :

Q: Why is there a lot of theft happening at manufacturing companies these days?
A: Because of the Steal companies.


Phew, enough for today. Practice your DEs, be good, and please buy some life insurance or atleast keep a good brain surgeon handy.

PS: Yes, I know some of those jokes are recycled. Kindly forgive.
PSS: The Goodnight-Mortein joke is the second most annoying IDE in the world, only behind Tata-Birla



i hate pjs, n pj tellers really!! yet ur post, sorry series.. is real good fr those ppl who wanna be loved or wanna fit in.. hpe it wrks out fr em... :)

cynduja said...

Ah! lets give it to the man who wants to make the world a better, funnier, brighter place

You aren't a bad Uncle Fred, wanting to spread sweetness and light in people's lives :D

narendra shenoy said...

Another standard one in my youth was
You: I am hungry (or thirsty or tired or whatever)
PJ teller: Glad to meet you, Hungry. I'm

And a variant on this

You: Are you relaxing?

PJteller: No, I'm Milka Singh.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Haha, thanks people!

Naren: The hungry joke is usually clubbed with some other country also. Like:

Damn, I'm hungry
And I'm France. Nice to meet you.

Tastemaster said...

If you get 2 comments on this post asking you to stop, will you? :P

Cow-Herd said...

I survived Chandni Chowk to China :( #FML
But dude, these are life lessons. Ignore the brickbatters, we know better :D

Gammafunction said...

There is one more annoying than the TATA-BIRLA one...


Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Tastemaster: Gah. I shall never stop. We artists are often a misunderstood and lonely lot. More lonely than misunderstood sometimes :P

@CC2C was epic macha. What're you saying :P

@Gammafunction: Ouch. You're right. That IS annoying.

建淑珍彰 said...

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Anonymous said...

a real nice one, especially on IM or FBook:

a: ya ya
you: toure!

a has logged off'

just love doin this :D

Anonymous said...

Like when people say, "Let's make a move." Ask them why they aren't doing an Iodex.