Thursday, February 04, 2010


In the space of the past five days this simble humble blog of mine crossed 30,000 hits and crossed 100 followers. I never, ever, in my wildest dreams imagined that a hundred people would proactively, on their own volition, choose to follow this blog (being coerced to reading it is one thing, but actually subscribing to it is another!) when I started it out in 2006!

I never even had an aim for it, or anything. I never intended it to be a funny blog - all I wanted to do was record some seemingly mundane activities in my life and tried my best to make them sound interesting, like the first ever post - when our band had a misadventure at a competition.

Things have changed so much from that day, when this blog took form in SKCL Internet Cafe, Ramavarmapuram, Thrissur.

Then: Final year BTech student (Chemical Engineering at that. Heh.)
Now: Internet marketing professional

Then: Knew 4 chords on the guitar
Now: Knows 5 chords on the guitar

Then: Tried desperately to woo a particular person (you know who you are ;) )
Now: Never mind :P

Then: Krish Ashok and Sahil Rizwan hadn't started blogging yet.
Now: They are pretty much Gods.

Then: I had a Nokia 1100 and a Mitashi MP3 player.
Now: I have a Nokia E63 and a Cowon S9 \m/

Then: I was a MICA wannabe.
Now: I'm about to attend my first MICA alumni meet in a week.

The biggest city I'd been to was Bangalore, and that too for an entrance test
Now: I jump onto Virar fasts when I'm bored

Then: The greatest ODI ever played was between Australia and South Africa, this one
Now: The greatest ODI ever played is still between Australia and South Africa, but this time it's this one

Then: 'Facebook' was a photo album
Now: Facebook is still a photo album, but with quizzes and farm-building games. Also, Orkut is as happening as Axl Rose's career

Then: Minima Black
Now: Some fundoo theme I flicked off somewhere, although a lot of people still liked my old denim template

Ok, I'll stop gassing about now, you might have got the gist of things.

A huge thank you to Mukund Pant, someone I've never really thanked. He was my first ever inspiration to write a blog. Check out his stuff, he has some of the best opinions I've read, and I wish he'd bring out more stuff, more often.

Other people to thank: Anand Ramachandran, I won't lie, I've copied been inspired by his style of writing on more than one occasion (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 times to be exact).

And of  course, to all you people who for some unfathomable reason keep reading this blog. Even that dude from Spain. Yes, Spain. Like Shakira's hips, Google Analytics don't lie.

Senti speech over. Now head over to the Blogroll, there are blogs way better than this one there :P

Hmm, bringing out a Thank You post in 4 years, is like bringing out a Greatest Hits compilation after 2 albums, no? *aah aah aaah achooosavagegardenoooooo*


Cow-Herd said...


Firstly you are Welcome!
Secondly, Thank *YOU*!
Your blog has been pretty consistently funny :) Copied/inspired doesn't matter. After all, content is also King no? :D

But dude, woah! 30,000 hits? 100+ followers? Can I hire you to publicize my blog too? Lol :D

Its always a pleasure to come back to your blog(s). Never ending, any-time source of entertainment it be :)

Anyways, keep up the good work, keep the faith, May the Force be with you, [insert cliched encouraging quote here]


Anonymous said...

Kangaroo relations and all that :) I did start and stop at least 2 blogs in the past, and it's only when I realized that the only thing that will sustain a blog is unadulterated absurdity and not theme-based, focussed posts (I used to blog about religion & atheism before, rather lamely I might add).

When I met Sidin at IIMB recently, he told me that all of us humour writers must band together and form a Humour Corporation of India, that produces packaged absurdity on demand, like for instance, imagine being hired by SRK to go after BalT :)

soin said...

naraya peru vetti..either way a group blog of all the mokkai boys is still so far off?

Sahil Rizwan said...

Ha ha! I forgot what I was gonna say when I saw the captcha I got for verification. XD

But yes, more power to you, sir. You veterans have paved the way for us pretenders right now. =)

narendra shenoy said...

Way to go, ma man! Respect!

Ashok, Humor Corporation of India sounds like a plan! The imagination boggles at the thought of the content that could be generated!

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Moo: :D I plug all your posts. The WTF series of late have been absolute Twitter material!

@Krish: I knew it was too good to be true :P

@Soin: Might happen sooner than you think ;)

@Riz: Don't forget us so-called veterans when you blaze into fame, sir!

@Shenoy: Yes should form HAI - Humour Association of India!

Shrutz said...



Praveen G K said...

Got here following various paths!

Then: Started a blog way back in 2005
when the Gods hadn't emerged
Now: Practically invisible!


Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Shrutz: Would you like fries with that?

@Praveen: You allude to Steve and friends, no?