Monday, January 11, 2010


Now to do a clever self-promotion for myself, under the guise of promoting one of my favourite websites.

FlyYouFools is this kickass website that uses stock images and clever Photoshopping to come out with some brilliant comics that talk about Indian life and it's irritations.

If you haven't heard of FlyYouFools, I suggest you stop wasting time on this blog, remove your Chronicles of Dementia fanboy teeshirt, and head over to, and prepare to laugh your ass off, or as my friend Martin would put it, OCSL.

Oh, and I won one of the prizes (alright, alright, I came in 5th) in a contest they put up on the site. Check out my entry and the others here!


Vallath said...

Couldn't DM you back, since you don't follow me. :) You're welcome.

P.S: DJK-creatasaur

Swagat said...

Well, yours was the best :)
And you're gaining the people's votes as well :D

NotFunnyNotFamous said...

Guru your entries were awesome.. and am not talking about only the winning one.. I downloaded the entries xls file.. Read the other two too..

Mindfuckingly good!


- Tantanoo

Anonymous said...


Shrutz said...

What's with the new fangled colours?

Atrisa said...

<3 FYF

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Vallath: :)

@Swagat: Haha, yeah, people's vote counts more, no?

@NFNF: Thanks macha!

@Shrutz: Nolikes?

@Atrisa: I wish I could come up with a clever retort to that as well :P