Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Circa 1997:

Sergei: We've built this nice search engine, good work!
Larry: What the fuck do we name this thing?
Sergei: Good point... Wait I have an idea. Let's register the domain and see what word verification we get on Captcha
Larry: Eh. Ok, I got Goo76t
Sergei: And I got ft5gle
Larry: Now what?
Sergei: Let's combine the two... And call it... Goo-gle! Google!
Larry: Fuckin' kickass!
Sergei: Yeah man! In a few years people will be saying 'let's go to Google and search for stuff'
Larry: Hahahaha, yeah!
Sergei: Imagine, Yahoo! and MSN will suddenly say who the eff is this little kid on the block?
Larry: Hahaha! Dude, you're too much.
Sergei: That's not all man, imagine after we become billionaires, we'll start diversifying - that email thing, we'll have something like that. And I always wanted a better version of ICQ. And oooh, maybe one day we can tap satellites and provide people like a desktop globe where they can zoom and see their homes!
Larry: Fuckin' crazy mind you have man, something like that can get you arrested maybe! Hahaha! But dude, please focus. Stop thinking about where you're going to place the office of this... What did you call it? Google - and finish the contents page of the project report.
Sergei: I can see it now - Google Talk. Google Earth.Google Documents. Google Wave.
Larry: Wave? What the eff is that?
Sergei: I dunno, but it sounds cool, maybe one day we'll figure out.
Larry: Nutter you are, man.
Sergei: But yes, we'll have a kickass company and all, and allow employees to lounge on beanbags.
Larry: What an idea, Sergei.

1. Mihir Modi for inspiring this post with this post.
2. Flyyoufools, India's finest webcomic, from whom I stole that last line from this comic.
3. The world is still figuring out what Wave is all about!


Kiran said...

Man .. this is the best post of 2010 .. err .. so far at least (until Ramesh Srivats de-thrones you :P)

I knew about Pykih's story .. but this was a stroke of genius - linking it to google. I'd love to know what Larry and Sergei would have to say about this post :D

Keep rocking!

Mihir said...

Haha... So that whole cheque-accidentally-written-to-google story is plain fiction, eh?

One followed by a hundered zeros, it seems :P

PS: This post (rather, a PS to this post) reminded me that I have a Google Wave account.

Sundeep said...

And all these years I thought Google was derived from Googol: a mathematical term. LOL.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Sundeep, Mihir: That's what mass media leads you to believe ;)

@Kiran: I have no doubts that Ramesh will oust this post soon, but good to have held the post for a few days :P

angad said...

great post!

Nandhini said...

But they never did find out what Wave was for, did they?

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Angad: Thank yew!

@Nandhini: Well, it DOES have a very nice logo...