Monday, November 02, 2009


After a fairly successful career revolving around destroying bowlers' careers, particularly that of Michael Kasprowicz (remember this?), Sachin Tendulkar (an iconic Indian cricket player, for the benefit of the Norwegian audience this blog has, according to Google Analytics) decided to take up a less homicidal vocation - computer programming (yes, somewhere, deep down within every Indian...).

And who would assist him in this new career path, but someone who was prematurely evicted from his post-cricket vocation - the walking dictionary-cum-book of idioms-cum-book of insults-cum-Darwin theorist, Navjot Singh Sidhu.

The similarities between the two are uncanny. Tendulkar murdered attacks, Sidhu just... Well, murdered and attacked. Tendulkar spurted business like never before for Nimbus and many brands, Sidhu was single-handedly (or mouthedly, you can argue) responsible for the creation of rust-free microphone grills.

Anyway, this is what happened when the master and the mutter (hehe) got together one day for a session of intense coding on Visual C++, on a UPS-less computer.

Sidhu: So what are you doing, my cherubic young friend?

SRT: Well, I'm writing a program. Right now, I've created a form, and am defining a class structure within it.

Sidhu: I see, and how do you...

*Light goes off *

Sidhu: Oye what the...

SRT: Careful yaar, this company will throw you out if you abuse, just like ESPN did.

Sidhu: Bah, it's okay. Dean Jones runs this place. Anyway...

* lights come on, SRT reboots his system *

SRT: Hey, whaddya know! The class definition I created is still there, but the form I made has dissapeared.

Sidhu: Hmm, funny. So what're you going to do now?

SRT: Continue coding... And... HEY!

* power goes off again *

Sidhu: This electricity is as unstable as a homeless horse. Hehe, get it?

SRT: Bad joke. Stick to things like #tweetlikeSidhu, which those awesome bunch of chaps from Twitter created that day.

Sidhu: Okay, how's this? The way this electricity comes and goes, you could call it alternating current.

SRT: *groan* Much better. Oh and hey, here's the electricity again... And what do you know... Same problem! The class definition is still there but the form for some reason refuses to get saved!

Sidhu: Well, you know what they say, Sachin.

SRT: What? * adjusts crotch for dramatic effect *

Sidhu: Form is temporary, class is permanent.


girsubra said...

Given the frequent power cuts..I am sure ,they are in bangalore.... :)

NotFunnyNotFamous said...

Haha! *Adjusts crotch for effect!* Good one!

Vishwanath said...

LOLS nice one..

But since form is temporary and class permanent, the forms shouldve disappeared :)

ChUcK said...

@Vishy: Ouch! Thanks, dude! Just found out the mistake and rectified it! Thanks so much, would have led to major embarrassment :P

@Girsuba, NFNF: Thanks guys :-) Glad to serve up the funnies for you!

Anwar said...

Honestly.. if form was saved everytime, and class refuses to get saved.. Shouldn't it be "Form is permanent, and class is temporary"??


ChUcK said...

@Anwar: Hehe, you got me. Vishy (3rd comment here) already pointed the error out, it's been rectified.

Refresh :-D

Vishwanath said...

:) No probs man, keep up the funny. Great following you on twitter.

Krish Ashok said...

ayyo this is brockian ultrablade

Views Alert Team said...

Absolutely awesome Cheers!!!

ChUcK said...

@Vishy: Thanks :-D But what's your handle?

@Ashok: Honoured!

@VAT: Thanks for the tax and comments! :P

Vishwanath said...



Siddharth said...

LOL on "Cherubic young friend" and "alternating current".

Can you also tell if NS reacted on SRT's indentation style during coding? Or was he as cool as a cucumber just picked from the field ?

narendra shenoy said...

kick ass stuff! Enjoyed!

ChUcK said...

@Vishy: :D
@Sid: Dont' confuse me... My coding days are long behind me!
@Shenoy: Anna, your "Frequent friar, miles" post ( only inspired me to take an old joke and blow it up full-length :P

Lekha Chandran said...

roflmao on alternatin current n cherubic.........keep bein funny.....

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

@Lekha: Alternating current is a great practical gag to play :)

Anonymous said...

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