Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, so sue me. I succumbed to my favourite activity these days - compiling the best of trending topics on Twitter.

This time, it was amidst rumours that Malayalam superstar Mohanlal was buying an IPL team from Kerala. Well, this was one of the longest-trending topics from our little group. Sample the following from the #mohanlalsIPLteam topic which sadly never became a trending topic despite our best efforts:

We started off with things like these:
Thrissur Tridents, Palagat Panthers, Ottapalam Otters, Cochin Clusters, Cali square-cutters, Guruvayoor Glidetothirdmen, Munnar Munificents, Mattancherry Butchers, Ernakulam Ergonauts, Irinjalakuda Isotopes...

And then things started getting a little more refined / ridiculous (depending on your point of view):
Sultan Battery Chargers, The Thrissur Poorams, The Palarivattom Papaddoms, Wayanad Vaynokkis, Vagamon Vagabonds, Mattanchery United, Vishu Wishbones, Arsenallapuzha, Aston Kuruvilla, Guruvaayoor Gundumanis, Tottenharipad Hotspur, Kodungallur Kettleboilers, The Da vinci Kozhikodes, Rajavinte Makkal, Peroorkada Porottas, Hariharnagar Dinesans, The Pattambi Railway Stations, Shoranur Subdued Sreesanths, Lalettanum Makkalum, Thrissur Trumpeters, Sabarimala Bachelors, Guruvayoor Godsownteam, Pinarayi Vijayans. Shornur Strikers. Thiruvananthapuram Tharoors, Athirapally Athibhayangarans, Karunakaran DIC(K)s, Chotta Mumbai Indians, Thrissur PCThomasDropouts, Quotation Team, Freud Mallus (for mental disintegration), The Joy Alukkas, Cochin Manuals

@shenoyn, @bigfatphoenix, @raghuvanshr, @sidin, @krishashok, @kbalakumar, @notytony, @creatitwitty, @priyagk
, @nithinkd, @Arby_k, @anoopan, @manuscrypts, @adheeth, @lavsmohan and of course me :)

I might have missed out some brilliant tweets, please forgive me!

Edit on 21 March 2010: Who would've thunk it? I mean, who? Kochi being added to the IPL franchise list! This is epic! Mattancherry United is a reality! A proud moment for Nairs, Menons, Iyers, Gopalakrishnans and Omanapuzhathusherikazhans everywhere! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

You missed out on these, by @infinn

(1)'Anadiyon Ke Khiladi'! Since AkshayKumar & Priyan R also involved!
(2) 'KOCHI LAL SALAMS' (to base the name on Lal movies!)
(3) 'Trivan DRUMMERS'!
(4) 'INQUILAB SHOUTERS'- very apt given Kerala's trade union tradition, and to top it all,
(5)'KERALA STRIKERS'! (Wd convey both 'Striking' a Cricket Ball & 'Strike' the most recognized characteristic of Keralites!!

May be you can do a second compilation... all the best..

narendra shenoy said...

I hereby nominate you for the Pulitzer Prize in journalism for consistent service to humanity by compiling tweets of exceptional brilliance and preserving them for posterity.

Arise, Sir Chuck!

The Mudd said...

check out http://twitter.com/manishkrishnan

Prasid said...

may i suggest Kolechery Kozhis

Deepak Gopalakrishnan said...

Haha, thanks for the extra suggestions! It'll be interesting to see what they actually end up naming the team!

@Shenoy: Honoured! :)

babusyed said...

http://babusyed.blogspot.com/2009/10/mohanlals-ipl-team.html See more name suggestions for Kerala IPL team here!!

Doi said...

My suggestion - Toddy Boys

Points to note:
1) Who on earth invited Gopumon to the team?
2) Will we complete the IPL or go on an indefinite harthal in between?

Anonymous said...

The Mohan 'ba'Guns

Vikrant Aheer said...

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jammy said...

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