Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Okay, so sue me. I succumbed to my favourite activity these days - compiling the best of trending topics on Twitter.

This time, it was amidst rumours that Malayalam superstar Mohanlal was buying an IPL team from Kerala. Well, this was one of the longest-trending topics from our little group. Sample the following from the #mohanlalsIPLteam topic which sadly never became a trending topic despite our best efforts:

We started off with things like these:
Thrissur Tridents, Palagat Panthers, Ottapalam Otters, Cochin Clusters, Cali square-cutters, Guruvayoor Glidetothirdmen, Munnar Munificents, Mattancherry Butchers, Ernakulam Ergonauts, Irinjalakuda Isotopes...

And then things started getting a little more refined / ridiculous (depending on your point of view):
Sultan Battery Chargers, The Thrissur Poorams, The Palarivattom Papaddoms, Wayanad Vaynokkis, Vagamon Vagabonds, Mattanchery United, Vishu Wishbones, Arsenallapuzha, Aston Kuruvilla, Guruvaayoor Gundumanis, Tottenharipad Hotspur, Kodungallur Kettleboilers, The Da vinci Kozhikodes, Rajavinte Makkal, Peroorkada Porottas, Hariharnagar Dinesans, The Pattambi Railway Stations, Shoranur Subdued Sreesanths, Lalettanum Makkalum, Thrissur Trumpeters, Sabarimala Bachelors, Guruvayoor Godsownteam, Pinarayi Vijayans. Shornur Strikers. Thiruvananthapuram Tharoors, Athirapally Athibhayangarans, Karunakaran DIC(K)s, Chotta Mumbai Indians, Thrissur PCThomasDropouts, Quotation Team, Freud Mallus (for mental disintegration), The Joy Alukkas, Cochin Manuals

@shenoyn, @bigfatphoenix, @raghuvanshr, @sidin, @krishashok, @kbalakumar, @notytony, @creatitwitty, @priyagk
, @nithinkd, @Arby_k, @anoopan, @manuscrypts, @adheeth, @lavsmohan and of course me :)

I might have missed out some brilliant tweets, please forgive me!

Edit on 21 March 2010: Who would've thunk it? I mean, who? Kochi being added to the IPL franchise list! This is epic! Mattancherry United is a reality! A proud moment for Nairs, Menons, Iyers, Gopalakrishnans and Omanapuzhathusherikazhans everywhere! Woohoo!

Friday, October 09, 2009


It shouldn't come as a surprise that the last three posts I wrote were 'best of' series based on some gems I saw on Twitter.

Well, the latest uproar was when American President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. Surely, you didn't expect the Twitterati to keep quiet about that one, did you?

Apart from the 'he won the award because he got rid of George Bush' jokes which eventually resulted in 'George Bush' becoming a trending topic on Twitter (!), my own timeline had some brilliant, brilliant entries.

Sample the following, and follow them! :-D

@mojorojo: Obama crushed at news of winning Nobel Peace Prize. He thought they'd called to give him a Google Wave invite.

@sidin: I just played Solitaire on my computer. And goddammit Obama won that too.

: Pakistan asks for credible evidence to show that Obama has indeed won the Nobel Prize,asks for dossier from Nobel organization

: Indian Media: The power of Lord Hanuman got Obama Nobel Peace Prize. Lets claim 2 Indian origin nobel prize for 2009

@onejubb: lalit modi nobel prize for economics

: I nominate my electrician, Mr Nilesh Pandey for the No-Bell award. He's yet to come and fix the ringer.

: I nominate Old Monk rum for the Nobel Peace Prize! whose with me?

@sidin: Obama to win Commonwealth Gold and lifetime Oscar. Also X Prize, Magsaysay and Bigg Boss 3. And Dancing With The Stars.

@manuscrypts: Someone is bound to find an Indian connection. I await Bharat Obama...

: My respect for Obama will fly through the roof if he suddenly goes MUAHAHAHAHAA, says his real name is Lex Luthor and hits the nuke button

: Pick the odd man out: The Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Barack Obama

@iyermatter: @bigfatphoenix Poor Binny. Was working his way towards a WTF Twitter trend & Brackobama trumps him silly...
(PS: This is a slightly esoteric one ;))

@paperslut: In other news, it's World Egg Day today. Just saying. #obama

@sidin: I also want prize. I once intermediated fight bw Tams & Biharis in college TV room

@chuck_gopal: It's the Nobel Peas Prize he won, I tell you. Journos went overboard as usual over a small mutter

@jhunjhunwala: H1N1 VIRUS wins Nobel Prize for "efforts made in bringing human beings worldwide together in disease"

@manuscrypts: There's bad news for Obama. Chuck Norris is pissed.

: Maybe the Committee didn't want to appear racist

@Akisaxena: SIGN outside Nobel Foundation - Trespassers will get Nobel Prize

: Obama wins the Nobel Award. Polanski wins the No-Bail Award

@_alps: Raj Thakrey refused Nobel Peace Prize as it doesn't have a Marathi 'manpatra' & its not called Nobhel Shanti Puruskar. (originally by @chiefsanjay)

@SarthakMohanty: Next yr lets give this award 2Miss World.Every year Miss W says I want world peace and the world free of nuclear weapons.

: " Obama wins Nobel Prize, gives finger to the International Olympic Association"

Obama wins Nobel Peace - for reducing carbon footprint. Kept short hair. Less hair gel used. Less aerosol...

@jhunjhunwala: "Photo of Obama holding the Nobel prize enters Oxford dictionary as pic aid to explain the term WTF"

I'm sure there are many more that I've missed out, but I've got work to do :-)
I reiterate, follow these junta. They're kickass.

For the Twitter-hating populace: Alright, alright... So the next post will *not* be Twitter-based :P

Later edit: A brilliant insight into the workings of the Nobel Peace committee by one of my favourite bloggers and probably India's biggest punmeister (in more ways than one), Ramesh Srivats. Check out his post here.