Wednesday, September 23, 2009

THE BEST OF #forgottencricketlandmarks

It started very innocuously when Anand Ramachandran (of Bosey fame) tweeted that he was proud to go to the city of Dodda Ganesh, the legendary Indian medium-pacer.

And then
I innocently replied telling him that the memorial for the aforementioned legend was next to the statue of David Johnson. A trending topic which was initially meant for obscure cricketers (such as Gerhardus Liebenberg, who remains the Jhumritalayya of cricket for me) ended up covering stalwarts such as Arun Lal and MSK Prasad. Samir Kochchar was not considered since even when being sarcastic, one should not use the words 'Samir Kochchar' and 'stalwart' in the same sentence (except one like this).

Anyway, one thing led to another. Over the next four hours, we had some very entertained / frustrated followers (depending on their points-of-view) and heaven knows just how close we were to making #forgottencricketlandmarks a trending topic.

So below are a compilaton of the best of the lot. I recommend you follow the entire bunch if you're on Twitter. You'll have amazing entertainment. Please read from bottom up.

MumbaiCentral: Navjot Singh Sidhu tribunal for parking disputes resolution.

bcl400: Kim Hughes Institute for Lachrymosal Studies
girsubra: Steve Bucknor Optics & Lens
gudur: Jonty Roads (connects one-third of the world)
krishashok: The Vikram Rathore Edge Foundation
chuck_gopal: Indian Cricket League (#forgottencricketlandmarks, after all :P)
shyamnaren: Vijay Merchant's school of business
bcl400: Ambrose Mcgrath Institute for Advanced Studies in Metronomes
girsubra: the vinod Kambli confessional altar
bigfatphoenix: The book of Lalit Modified cricket rules
chuck_gopal: The Steve Waugh Used Clothes collection drive
chuck_gopal: The McGrath-Donald Genealogy Nomenclature society
raghuvanshr: de Silva's Original Sri Lankan Surname Development Algorithm
murari: Dilshan & Marillier Ice-creams, one scoop or two?
abhishekchopra: Dean Jones's Intelligence Unit for Terrorist Identification :
karthikspage: Ricky Ponting Ethical Guest-Umpiring Services
abhishekupadhya: Gautham City
gr8rahul: Navjot Singh sindhu english dictionary stall
raghuvanshr: Sachin Tendulkar Groin Itch Treatment Facility
ashwines: Shoaib Malik school for Secular Public Speaking
raghuvanshr: Rameez Raja Translation Service
prateekcaire: Hayden's Book on Obnoxious Weed Treatment
raghuvanshr: Ambati Rayudu's Last Chance Saloon
venkatananth: Shane Warne and Graham Gooch Institute for Hair Transplants
abhishekchopra: The Anil Kumble Clinic for Jaw Fractures

iyerdeepak: Salman Butt Unfortunate Name Conglomeration
chuck_gopal: Dennis Lillee's Aluminium Manufacturing unit
rameshsrivats: John Buchanan Shipping Corporation. With multiple captains
iyerdeepak: Harbhajan and Sreesanth Snobfest and Sobfest awards of excellence
abhishekupadhya: Trevor Chappell Rexona Showroom. Underarm alley.
rameshsrivats: The Ganguly-Flintoff Topless Nightclub
viseshk: The Inzamam Runout Study Circle
rameshsrivats: Airtel presents the Shane Warne unlimited night-SMS offer.
raghuvanshr: Warnakulasooriya Patabendige Usantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas Memory Improvement Clinic
bigfatphoenix: The Madan Lal tight T-shirt boutique
raghuvanshr: Narendra Hirwani SIndhi Sportsmen's Union
raghuvanshr: Sunil Valson Cooldrinks Transport Service
rameshsrivats: Bank of Dalmia
rameshsrivats: Ravi Shastri's Ballistic Research Lab
rameshsrivats: W.G. Grace Haircutting Saloon
iyermatter: Painted Stork Appreciators Anonymous
bombilfry: The Duckworth-Lewis Institute for Flawless Mental Mathematics
rameshsrivats: Boycott's Club for Athletic Grandmothers
rameshsrivats: Harbhajan's Theatre of slapstick comedy
raghuvanshr: Kris Srikkanth Hindi-Maadhyam Paathshala
raghuvanshr: Mark Vermeulen's Fireproofing Equipment Store
raghuvanshr: Peter Chingoka Management School
raghuvanshr: Sreesanth Anger Management Clinic
chuck_gopal: The Onions, Beefy, Lamb, Wessels, Tiffin, Butcher and Cook collaborative Restaurant
vishal_c: The Michael Bevan finishing school
chuck_gopal: The Mike Gatting and Shakoor Rana grooming school of Decorum for young gentlemen
notytony: Farokh Engineer-ing College near Kozhikode
chuck_gopal: Andrew Symonds' Angling Club
raghuvanshr: Henry Olonga Music Conservatory
chuck_gopal: Jack Russell's art gallery... No wait, that already exists!
chuck_gopal: Paul Adams Ergonomics Research Institute
vishal_c: The Dwayne Leverock Appreciation society
vishal_c: The Hansie Cronje Advanced Laboratory for experimental portal design
viseshk: The Daryll Cullinan Academy Against Spin Bowling
ashwines: Shahid Afridi's centre for "Benjamin Button like ageing" in Khyber Agency
chuck_gopal: Shane Warne's fertility clinic
chuck_gopal: Hansie Cronje's on-field Communications Device Manufacturing Plant
chuck_gopal: MSK Prasad Diploma Institute of Unknown Acronyms
vishal_c: The Marcus Trescothick Homesickness Research Institute
ashwines: Inzamam-ul-Haq's centre for 'Advanced Solanum tuberosum Cultivation studies' in Toronto
chuck_gopal: Vinod Kambli's jewellery shop, Mumbai
onejubb: the shane watson academy for supernatural sightings
onejubb: the johnny walker-adam gilchrist institute of walking studies
chuck_gopal: The Colin Miller Hair Salon
vishal_c: The Ricky Ponting One-pitch catch Institute
vishal_c: @chuck_gopal @bigfatphoenix Or the Dipak Patel undersea tunnel in Auckland?

vishal_c: @chuck_gopal you mean you haven't heard of the Gagan Khoda School of Performing Arts in Jaipur?

bigfatphoenix: @chuck_gopal what about the Stuart Gillespie mall in Auckland?

bigfatphoenix: The Murphy Su'A catacombs near Wellington

chuck_gopal: @bigfatphoenix Please to be visiting the Dodda Ganesh memorial museum and takings pics. I think it's next to the David Johnson statue.

bigfatphoenix: Proud to be visiting the town that gave us Dodda Ganesh.


Magnificent stuff from all of you guys. Thanks for contributing and making my day :-D

Disclaimers: I had a hell of a time formatting, so I hope I didn't screw any of the credits up. If I did, let me know, I'll change them.


Ramesh Srivats said...

Super. Was most enjoyable.

Paritosh said...

Simply awesome!! Loved each and every one specially the Shane Warne Fertility Institute thingy. Do u have its contact number BTW? ;)

Abhishek Chopra said...

This is such an honour!! I always look up to you, Chuck Saar and my tweets being featured here is almost an achievement for me. Thank you for the innovative idea. One can bank on you for putting them forward day in and day out.


TasteMaster said...

Old Chap,
I've tagged you on my blog. Pass it on to somebody else! :)

ChUcK said...

@ Ramesh: It was enjoyable only because guys like you contributed to the content. I am at the end of the day, an aggregator :P (Like Google. You see where I'm going, don't you?)

@ Paritosh: Aaaaah... Hehe :D

@ Abhishek: Er, alright! Keep contributing to the hashtags, mate. And follow the other people - they are great fun

@ Tastemaster: Will do :) You're already on my Blogroll. Pip-pip, ol' crumpet.