Saturday, August 29, 2009


From a post of mine on, in reply to an article about 7 more IIMs coming up.

Right, so now we have 14 IIMs. I guess they’re just trying to exhaust the alphabet here. So…
IIMA – Ahmedabad
IIMB – Bangalore
IIMC – Calcutta (yeah, it's boring till now, innit?)
IIMD – Diu (this will be fun, with the cheap booze too)
IIME – Ernakulam (yay, one at home!)
IIMF – Faridabad
IIMG – Gobichettipalayam (I did my rural project here!)
IIMH – Haryana (IIM Rohtak actually)
IIMI – Indore
IIMJ – Jhumrithalayya
IIMK – Kozhikode
IIML – Lucknow
IIMM – Muzaffarnagar
IIMN – Nicobar (let’s not forget they’re part of India too)
IIMO – Ongole (I couldn’t find any other city starting with O!)
IIMP – Pondicherry
IIMQ – Quilon (Woohoo, Kerala's 3rd ay-yay-yem!)
IIMR – Ranchi
IIMS – Shillong (this is already operational, by the way)
IIMT – Tezpur
IIMU – Ugandamandalam
IIMV – Vasai (so that Mumbai is represented! Haw!)
IIMW – Warangal (to be built on the top floor of the NIT there)
HRD ministry to hold emergency meeting with planning session to rename three cities so that they start with X, Y, Z to fit in the other three. So possibly:
1. The region around XLRI will be renamed Xavierpur : IIMX, sounds funky no?
2. Hastinapur will be renamed Yudishtirapur for lack of any other Hindu dieties starting with Y (Lord Yama is not seen as the best person to name a city after, grant the HRD some intelligence). So here we have IIMY as well.
3. Shimla will be renamed Zimla to fit in IIMZ. Ideal, since the weather there will have most people sleeping in class anyway.
So there we go. 26 IIMs, the other 12 IIMs will probably come in Phase III.

Later edit:

Apologies. IIMT above is IIM Thiruchirapalli. Forgot that this one was already taken by the Government :P
PS: Almost makes you wonder whether Kapil Sibal is playing a similar game like this in his office.


Ramaa said...

Brilliant!! :D As an XL-er, I connect even more to this post. As a logical next step, they'll bring in new alphabets in the English language, of course. And then the Roman numeral series may start, as well. Should be interesting.

ChUcK said...

@ Ramaa: That's a dangerous line of thought. The possibilities are endless then.

So you can imagine in November 2015:

Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal promises to set up his 27th IIM known as IIM AA. "This will be the first of the IIMAx" series, chuckles the wheezing old man, which seems to be a qualification for getting through the BJP.

"We plan to set up 26 more IIMs over the next 3 years to cover IIMAA to IIMAZ." If reports are to be believed, Sibal has plans of covering IIM AA to IIM ZZ by the time he retires, or conks off.

In further reports, due to the increased number of IIMs, admission tests have been increased to these once prestigious institutes. In addition to CAT, we now have variants like LEOPARD, LION, CHEETAH and LYNX.

Incidentally, the setting up of the new IIMs is seen to create trouble in the popular MBA community PaGaLGuY. Once where a simple BLACKI sufficed, people with 99.9 percentile now have to say "I have a BLACKIABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZAAABAC.....ZZ' call. Some moderators of the forum have suggested nicknaming this IIM**.

Be scared.

Pragna said...

Thats an interesting thought... IIM A to Z. How about IITs and NITs A to Z...?

ChUcK said...

@ Pragna: Please don't give Kapilji any further ideas :P

great nitin said...

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