Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Circa 2000:

"Appa, what's that?"
"This is a messenger... Something you use to talk to your friends far away over the computer."
"Oooh... Looks complicated, I don't think I'll ever use something like that... Must be mainly for business users."

A month later:

"What, are you still on the computer?"
"Yes Appa!"
"Don't you have school tomorrow? What are you doing?"
"On the internet."
"What? What are you doing on the internet so late?!"
"Chatting on Yahoo! messenger with my school friends!"
"The same people you're meeting tomorrow?"
"Erm... Yes."
"I'll never understand this generation."

Well, its not too difficult to fathom, is it? Each of us have been in the shoes of the aforestated story's protagonist (name withheld for security reasons) at some point or the other.

There's no point resisting change, also known in the 21st century as a new tech fad. MSN messenger was the coolest thing in town till it became uncool (erm, why again?). Then Yahoo! messenger took over. Ooh, yellow, funny icons. I like. And it's minimalist (oh, oh... Do we sense the beginning of something here?). Y! was the craze (and the people like me who fall in the intersection of grammatical perfect and technocratii would insist on putting the ! after Yahoo, of course).

Then came GMail. And GTalk. Suddenly it was all about who had lesser buttons. No, wait, that was the iPod. Suddenly rewind and fast forward seemed passe and disposable. We must have lesser buttons. People are getting dumber, so give them lesser things to confuse their little minds with. They just need something cool to carry around and listen to Britney Spears... And oooh, let's prefix it with a character in lower-case to show off our uber-coolness (forgive absence of the two antennae on the u in uber).

Then came this whole thing called social media. This is when my theory of niche -> cult -> cool -> popular -> marketing -> blah got formulated. I'll just call it THE LIFE CYCLE OF INTERNET ADDICTIONS.

Like all of you who thought my cricket stump theory was cool, you're likely to think this is Nobel-material too.

Niche: A piece of social media is first known by about 1000 people on the internet. You're a weirdo if you're part of the wave. Or ahead of your time.
Cult: Then people start to hear of it, but are too lazy / stupid to do anything about it. So in 2003, if you blogged, you were smart and part of a cult breed. You could get away with "No darling, I need to blog tonight". No questions asked.
Cool: More people get onto it. More crappy blogs like this one. More people putting videos of cats peeing on YouTube (why are the poor felines maligned the most when it comes to YouTube's UGC?).
Popular: Now everyone's on it. You're uncool if you don't have a Twitter profile. You're behind the times if three minutes after your monthly night out with the guys, the photos are not on Flickr. Oooh, social outcast.
Blah: Now everyone's on it, there's no more fun.

This is what I call the Life Cycle of Internet Addictions.

You don't believe me? Let's take a few examples.

Remember Back in 2004, when some of us knew how to use the internet, we found this amazing sleek site. You could upload photos. Ooh, you can fill in what music you like. Wow, you can even add your friends (just pause and think to yourself whether pre-2002 a phrase like 'add your friend' would have made sense). You can even write testimonials for them! How cool! I can waste hours writing nice things about my friends and hope they will scratch my back! Yay!

And then before you knew it, hi5 was all over the place and the 'cool dudes who got there first' didn't want to be seen on the same social networking site as the 'loser with no proper English who uses says things like 'i m fun n sexxy man' for 'About Me''. I remember on a class trip, one of the hi5 early adopters said something about this new thing called Orkut. We were all too lazy to join, of course. Who needs another place to upload photos and write about my favourite books again, na?

But it happened. Orkut became cool. And then before you knew it, Orkut became uncool. Because there were too many jerks on it, too much spam, too many ***##### Back in Moombai ###**** people, we needed something nicer. Cooler. So now we've decided to go back to complicatedness with... Facebook! Of course! Who could not love Facebook? Only the cool guys were on it. Having a Facebook profile was like automatic SEC A categorization. I just hope Facebook doesn't die out, though. A fourth social networking site and copy-pasting all those things again is too much of a pain.

Applications within Facebook go through this cycle too. First it was photos. Then quizzes. The quizzes here deserve a special mention. They progressively became more idiotic, till even the most stupid person on Facebook snapped with the introduction of the quiz called 'Which Stupid Facebook Quiz are you?'. So then we moved onto games. Farmville is the latest, and it's quite addictive. But you can that it's just a matter of time before people have enough of planting virtual strawberries and milking virtual cows.

How about user-generated blah, then? Blogs were supposed to be a way for us to express ourselves. Anyone who would write well, of course, quickly got themselves a blog and went of typing like never before. Later adopters who were looking to get onto the cool train and hope to be seen as cool - people like me, basically - came on board too. Then noone had the patience (or vocabulary, let's be honest) to write out full-length posts. So came... Twitter! Yes! How wonderful is the concept! Imagine the 2009 you going back in time to the 2000 you:

2000 you: So, 2009 me, what great advances in technology have we made in a decade?
2009 you: Well, we now use our phones while in the loo to tell our friends that we are pooping.
2000 you: Erm, whats so fancy about that? I can do that if I can afford a cell too...
2009 you: (what an idiot!) no no, you don't call them. You use GPRS to connect to a service that updates people who follow your posts
2000 you: So you mean people actually subscribe to these 'updates' to hear about you defecating?
2009 you: Precisely! Ingenious, isn't it?
2000 you: If I kill myself now, does that make you cease to exist?

Well there we are, then. Twitter will die out in some time and soon we will be expressing our moods using a selection of 50,000 smileys. And then probably, getting sick of that, there will be a service that scans our brain waves and shares our moods with the world. The possibilities are endless.

From people who used to communicate by whapping themselves on the head with clubs (also known to be the earliest form of Morse Code), we've really come a long, long way, baby.

Now to publish this post, put it on Twitter, Facebook and GTalk.
After harvesting my strawberries on Farmville, of course.

PS: Looking back on the post, I'm really unable to figure out why I put that Yahoo! messenger thing up front... But there are bigger mysteries... Like why did GreenDay play those four out-of-scale bars at the end of Boulevard of Broken Dreams. So maybe by putting obtuse things together, I'll become cool. Yay!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This is courtesy a friend, who shall remain unnamed for his personal protection ;)
Probably the best offer ever!

Dang. Now what if what I wanted is not within 'selected range'? :|

Friday, July 10, 2009


prefers small to BIG - Atul Handa

John Nash Completed his thesis in 32 pages ....... I dont feel like Beating his record out of respect ;) ......... :D - PSingh

4 X (my dissertation) = 1 Venu's dissertation - Faiz

Foreploy: Any misrepresentation about yourself for the purpose of obtaining sex. - Gogi

Kush feels Ho Lee in China might be wondering why everyone in India is crazy about him(or her)? - Kush (on Holi)

wonders how stupid can mosquitoes get! Lurking in an IT office on Sunday Night. - Kulker

for a nation of 1 bn. the choice comes down to Rahul, Modi n Maya...Chai peeyo aur wapas so jao - Swati Ali

My Priend Freet......dis is wat Dovka does 2 u!!! - Raj

music phones are the phones with speaker will be responsible for creating the terminator - Axe

*ChucK:* I need a small favour from you... *Mukesh:* I don't have any :P - Chuck

"Pfaff vs Fact" is a one-sided battle - Siddhant

its such a beatutiful world on my desktop wallpaper - Axe

I hate case sensitive - Axe

Nuclear weapons are SO 20th century. - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - Chinmaya

The meek shall inherit the earth... err... if that's all right with the rest of you - Swati Ali's friend

What could a famous Indian commentator have done if he were more charming? Ravish a stri. ;) - Tony

"When she opens her mouth, it seems its only to change feet." - Supriya Gokarn

is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot - Anjuri

What a funny world man - they make lemon juices with artifical flavors and dishwash liquids with real lemon :-| - Rungta

The first testicular guard was used in cricket in 1874 and the first helmet was used in 1974. It took 100 years for men to realize that the brain is also important! - Shaggy (this was initially a comment by Avanti on Cricinfo)

Drinking beer doesn't make u fat, it makes u lean........Against bars, tables, chairs, and poles !!! - Raj

"Mary had a little lamb." And what did she have for dessert? - Pramod

Shoe me some Jarnailism! - Apurv

If socialising wasn't bound by the conventions of conversation, I'd be a butterfly. - Johan

shoeshank redemption - Spike

Do not make spelling mistakes, the Gestypo is watching - Apurv

On being asked why he wore a different disguise each time, the undercover agent replied "Variety is the spies of life" - Tony

Gandhi wore chappals and so did i, would they have denied him entry at the night club as well? - Axe

A quality check for non-veg food - Weekly review meat - Chuck

Whats the difference when the FBI arrests someone in Antartica? They don't use the word "Freeze"! - AJ Menon

A total of 90 people in the world have Swine Flu, and everybody's wearing a mask. Millions have AIDS, but nobody wears a condom! - Estranged

Bless me Father for i am sinning... i swallowed a chewing gum. Oh wait you dont do medical sins? - Axe

MBA beckons... But I read somewhere - Management education is subject to market risks.. plz read the offer document carefully before getting admitted :-| - Nishant Rungta

like eunuchs discussing the kama sutra, the review meeting begins... - Vipin Nair

eating dahi redefined: good bacteria populating your tummy - Dipti Agrawal

romantic terrorism - "a gamut of tricks (sulking, jealousy, guilt) that attempts to force the partner to return love, by blowing up (in fits of tears, rage or otherwise) in front of the loved one" - Samhita