Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Q: Why did our hero travel from Andheri to Fort today?
A: To buy a couple of Duracell batteries and a Thums-Up.

Moral of the story: Before traversing half the city to get your repaired canera back, call the goddamn store to see if they will be open. :/


rAAmA said...

Awesome Post !
(no sarcasm intended)

Sharanya said...

*laughs!* God! And you're telling me no store in Andheri had batteries?!

Ps: I always thought people from Andheri hated travelling to SoBo ;)

ChUcK said...

@ Raama: Thank you, kind sir! How's God's own country doing?

@ Sharanya: Well, the batteries were not the primary reason I went all the way down South... But then, let's not even get there :|

Me said...

The Q is..did you happen to travel during the rush hour..n either got stuck in traffic jam..or erm got adventurous n boarded the locals :P

puresunshine said...

ROFL! people in calcutta are too lazy. They wud have surely made that call. But they are too miserly too. They could have wanted to save on the 2 bucks too!