Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Q: How do you make yourself feel terribly out of place at a rock concert attended almost wholly by dopey schoolkids with Opeth tee shirts?

A: Come straight from work, with a huge laptop bag and crummy formals.

Moral of the story: When you know you're going to attend a rock show in the evening, carry a change of clothes in the aforementioned huge laptop bag. Headbaning in a Peter England and Raymonds is not exactly becoming.


Me said...

hahaha..rofl..did you invite glares reserved for a nerd caught in a rock show :P
Where was this held in Mumbai?

puresunshine said...

Or just carry some accessories. mess up your hair, wear some chains around ur hand, roll up the sleeves and show off your tattoo. (if you have a skull head, the better). It's all about traveling light! ;)

vipin said...

thank u for negative word-of-mouthing my employers :D