Sunday, March 15, 2009


In a stunning result, the Shela-based Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad has won the best Tourist Resort in India award, beating stiff competition from prominent locales such as Nainithal, Darjeeling, Ooty and Gobichettipalayam.

The award, instituted by the Travel Welfare Association of India, took a poll among 300 respondents who are well-travelled and have visited atleast 5 of the 6 destinations which were finalised.

"It's amazing. There's nothing like this place. Serene, calm, quiet, green... Ah!", remarked noted traveller and landscape critic, Kasturee Kailash.

"There are all sorts of things here to click... I mean, there are bugs I know, bugs I don't, red bugs, green bugs, white bugs, wooohoooo!", remarked freelance insect photographer Ajinkya Mukund Pawar... Er, Pawar Mukund Ajinkya... Er... Whatever.

MICAravan, the committee at MICA dedicated to promoting the institute as a tourist destination, has been beefing up activities over the last couple of years to make the insitute feature in lists across the country. "Every week, we make sure there are atleast 2 groups of people visiting the campus. They could be poor schoolkids who have no idea what's happening, they could be village kids who're happy just to get out of the classrooms, they could be chick-starved engineering college males, they could be aspirants, and of course, students of some course that MICA starts which is not residential, so students know first-hand what they're missing out on! It's excellent, we have tourist guides and all!", says a spokesperson for MICAravan, speaking on conditions of anonymity.

However, the awarding is not without criticism. "No, no, no... Let me make my point! How on earth can an educational institution be given an award for tourism? That's... So ridiculous! It's unfair to give places where education happen an award like this!", remarks critic of everything, Indranil Goswami, before going off to make another marketing model on his computer.

When contacted for comment, His Holiness the Hostel Coordinator of Amaltas, Sir Doctor Sri Sri Varun Paramanand Singh could only comment, "What the dash yaar? People are coming everyday, yaar. Why are they going to the library? Hey this is not done yaar!", kicking his door in anguish.

If inside sources are to be believed, MICA plans to build overhead chair cars and swimming pools to cater to the clientele. We shall keep reporting.


prat said...

u echo my thoughts :)
with the swimming pool, don forget the twisty slides

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