Thursday, March 12, 2009

AMALTAS TIMES: LitComm to cut jobs

It appears that the economic recession has not spared anyone. Even leading committees of leading literary talent in leading communications management schools in leading developing countries are facing the crunch as the LitComm at MICA has been severely hit.

The committee, which brings out it's bi-annual publication called 'Black Coffee' has been forced to cut 5 jobs out of a total workforce of, er, seven. Commenting on the move, CEO of Litcomm, Rahul Ashok said "It's a bad year for all of us. Less and less people are interested in literature, as there is less money to spend."

However, industry practioners were quick to criticize this move. Says ex-LitComm member and now freelance insect photographer, Ajinkya Pawar, "I think it's a rash (pun intended) move. With the recession on, people have fewer jobs and hence more time to read. I think it's a great time for Litcomm to actually invest and hire people and bring out more stuff."

It remains to be seen whether the sacking of most of its workforce will act as an impediment to bringing out Black coffee this year. "We have always worked within deadlines and are confident of meeting expectations", said Ashok before going off to answer another email on his Blackberry.

Only time and the publisher will tell how things shape up. As of now, MICA lacks coffee.


Atrisa said...

Argh! Just when I thought I would add you to my "Blogs I follow"! Haha :D

ChUcK said...

Dang! Thank goodness I didn't take SCAM's case.

Ajinkya said...

and one of our junie tells me that they have a hard bound 'nice and beautiful' (with requisite head bobbing) year book.
and our seniors had one too.. huge and heavy..
bloody recession!