Saturday, January 19, 2008


NOTE: Though I wrote this post on Jan 1 2009, I'm changing the date here because I don't want it to appear on the front of the blog.

Alright, this is an angry post, and it's coming on the back of some people indulging in their favourite activity - peeving me off about PaGaLGuY, and why I love it so much and shit like that. If you've asked such a question and take offense or are taken aback by the sarcasm, I'll consider that the purpose of this post is achieved.

So here, I'm going to answer some of the questions I've been asked in the past. I usually shrug them off with a joke, but now I have to get it off my chest.

Q: Why do you love PG so much?
A: Was my first source of information about MICA, made many friends there, and I love the community feeling. Have lots of friends there.

Q: Uh-uh. Virtual friends.
A: Yes, virtual friends. All over India to boot. I don't have to worry about having a place to crash in for a couple of nights. And what's the big deal with 'virtual' friends, anyway? Some of my best friends are people I've never met (oh, sorry, you still live in the 20th century?) in person.

Q: You can't trust 'online' friends.
A: I agree. Especially when all you restrict the research to make up that sweeping statement to Orkut and people who go 'u luk v pretty cn v b franz plz'. Oh, good job, genius.

Q: Alright, alright. So coming back to PG? Why do you post so much there?
A: Ever heard of freedom of speech?

Q: But I think you post too much.
A: Click the 'X' button on the top right.

Q: Stop evading the issue. Why do you post so much with regard to MICA on PG?
A: Because I like discussing. I had a lot of doubts (which got clarified) and I clarify a lot of doubts that other people post. Are you going to make your 'offline chatterbox' shut up just because he talks a lot?

Q: I still think PG is overrated.
A: You're probably right. Now try convincing 3 lakh people who are registered users of the site.

Q: I think you posted a lot to make yourself visible. A lot of seniors did know you before you landed on campus.
A: Just goes to show how jobless those guys were. In any case, if they were on PG to scout for people to rag rather than help people out, they are the ones who need a life, and not me (yes, this was supposed to sting).

Q: Help people out? Gimme a break...
A: Information about MICA is not too easy to come by. PG is a treasure trove of MICA information posted by a few seniors who felt compelled enough to help their would-be juniors. I am still an active part of the community, and look to help my juniors out.

Q: Oh, basically, you want to fool more people into getting into MICA.
A: Just because you spent two years sitting in your room jerking off and doing pot, doesn't mean that everyone who comes to MICA is a lazy fuck. If you're sitting and complaining about MICA having done nothing to you, then you're as responsible for it, for not getting off your lazy ass.

Q: Many people feel influenced by your posts. Do you not feel you're misleading them (actual question, I kid you not!)?
A: Dude, there is all sorts of information out there. Right from ponytailed morons trying to sell something better than IIMs, to people who talk about their BSchools on online forums. At the end of the day, if you're going to take a decision based just on what some idiot is going to type on a forum, then your own cranium needs a checkup. Do your homework on the institute, validate the claims, see if you fit, and then come to the institute. If anyone has come to MICA just because of what I spewed on PG, I feel sorry for their researching capabilities.

Q: Stop gassing.
A: And you stop questioning my right to do what I want. I'm not fucking with your life anyway, nor am I asking you to be a member of PaGaLGuY, or asking you to read what I write and criticize it. Go get a fuckin' life.

Q: Stop using that irritating alternate caps thing.
A: That's the way the name is supposed to be written. You may talk to PG's editorial team if you have an issue with the way it's written, and put forward your valuable points about how you think their market share will decline because of the semiotic implications of alternate caps.

Q: You're a show-pony. You started a thread on how to get through to MICA even before you actually joined. I mean, what sort of an attention-seeking dummy are you?
A: One that tries to give back to PG what it gave to me. Having been through two attempts at MICA, and interacting with a lot of fellow aspirants, I had a fair idea of how to get through to the place. I was jobless having got through MICA and quit my job, and waiting to join. And all the memory of the MICAT was still fresh in my head, and I wanted to put it down. And that thread has helped a lot of people. And since most of our seniors were more intent on searching for people to rag rather than try to be helpful...

Q: Alright, alright. So how long were you working with PG?
A: I've never worked with PG. I used to work for Accenture, Chennai. I did my internship at Tata Steel, Jamshedpur. And I'm going to join, Mumbai.

Q: Whoa! You've never worked with PG! You might as well apply. They'll take you in with open arms!
A: Guess what, smartass. I did apply. And they raped me over three hours in one of the toughest interviews I've ever had. Make that the most difficult interview.

Q: Wha..? Why? I thought they'd take you happily seeing how much free PR you've given for them over the years...
A: And there are more people who give more free PR to PG, so shut your trap. It takes more than just yakking and rapping all over the site to get a job there. If getting jobs were that easy, the servers of half the internet companies around the world would be inundated.

Q: Alright, you've made your point. Why do you get so pissed when people needle you about PG?
A: Oh, you do your best to help people out, and all you get is flak from your seniors and your batchmates, who don't understand what it means to be a hardcore puy. Like an armchair critic who lashes out at Sourav Ganguly for playing a poor shot, when all the cricket he's done in his life is throwing an insect out of his bedroom.


NOTE: I've been a very active member of PG, and a proud one at that, for a very long time. Some of you morons just don't get what it means to be that. I can't blame you, since you probably still send telegrams to each other. PG has been instrumental in me getting through MICA and making some of my best friends. It's provided me an excellent platform to improve my writing, gain knowledge about a lot of subjects and help organize meets.

If all you've done is scoff while reading this, I really just don't care. I had to get this off my chest. If you don't like what I post or what anyone posts for that matter, remember that Firefox democratically empowers you with an 'X' button, or an addressbar so you can move on and make 'fraanz' on Orkut.



@ PGP13: I still love (most of) you and think you were one of the best batches at MICA, ever. But this is something I wanted to tell you, long back.
@ batchmates: Oh, heck, I'm leaving on the 2nd anyway :P
@ Fellow puys: I'm sure many of you have had similar experiences at your BSchools. Would love to hear from you.
@ People who're wondering what the hell PG is all about: Here.


Venting Macha said...

Chuck 1 - 0 Everyone else!

Lekshmi said...

I'm going to join, Mumbai.

ahem.. Chuck?

Ham said...

lol. People were bugging you soo much. PG is worth this effort even though i have not been active there. The community effect is truly something that helped me pave my way to MICA :)


Harshad said...

Brilliant post. Have thought about the same things a hundred times, though I tend to shrug it off with 'isko nahi samjhega..'

Especially agree with the virtual friends bit. And of course the help I've got on my way here.

And yes, I am one of those souls who owe you a big one for helping me get a MICA offer.

Keeping going on, chuckie!

Revathi said...

Hey There!! :)
I am a MIC'Aspirant' and i stumbled across this blog of yours and all the links to gyaan on MICA!!
I cant thank you enough!! I had a LOT of doubts most of which have been cleared now, thanks to you!!
I am not a member of PG but i am a very very regular reader and your columns have certainly helped ease down my tension with MICAT coming up in less than a week!!
Thanks again!! :)

Nishant said...

No doubt Chuck... Im not shurprised.. U have people leaving a comment on this post from all categories :mg: Puys, Micans, nautanki colleagues, MICA aspirants, and friends for life :P

Great post!! :gm:

Long live PG !!!

PS: And i share the same fuckin thoughts and have been thru all this at my work place, home etc. confronting people who tend to ask u these questions - why PG...? :|

Grondmaster said...


A very Chuck-esque version of every politically correct answer that I've given. Those who received them were only my batchmates, but also my profs, my bosses and my family...

And yeah... like Chuck, I owe my allegiance to PG thanks to 'that' thread :D


sukritmunjal said...

Exactly the sort of answers, i give to my batchmates.

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