Friday, January 02, 2009


As might be privy to every unfortunate soul on my GMail contacts list, I lost (did someone say 'stole'?) my phone while I was aboard a rather sardine-tinesque Mumbai local train. Those aforementioned transportation facilitators have been giving CERN scientists the final solution to the ultimate density possible (and you thought it was a black hole! Ha!)

Anyway, the E62 and me were quite a close pair. Of course, like Mumbai continues to go to work the day following the now traditional bi-yearly cataclysm to show defiance and spirit to the outside world, I decided to stick with my loyalty for the E62 by proceeding to buy another one - second hand, of course. 4500 bucks from Haji Ali.

As mentioned before in this parable, I had to spam all my contacts once again asking them for their numbers (if you haven't done so yet, shame on you! Mail me!). I did, of course, get my fair share of caustic comments and replies which I had to take with a pinch of Sodium Chloride.

But the cream of the crop remains this fantastic reply from a batchmate of mine from GECT, Pramod Mathew Mathew:

Dear Chuck,
My heart felt condolences in having lost your cell phone.
Not surprising on a Mumbai local train.

I would like to intrepret this loss as being a direct consequence of the teeming multitudes that populate our metros which again is a consequence of poor family planning measures , the taboo associated with birth control and also the widening regional disparities in relative development of various parts of the country.

In these times of economic recession I call upon you to excercise restraint and refrain from buying a low end phone to save money, because the grave economic situation demands that more money must be injected into the credit hungry market.

Once again I wish you strength and courage in withstanding these testing times.

With love

Pramod Mathew Mathew

Phone : Nokia N70 ( in-warranty, with all accessories, price negotiable Rs. 5500-6500)
Sim number: <number> ( International/ national codes apply)


speed said...

short way of saying long mail: sorry you lost yur phone. please don't buy a new one, distribute the money among the poor.

i actually agree with him. so why the hell did you get a new one anyways?

Saumil Shrivastava said...

Dude I agree with ur points about acer. I have dell inspiron but my company gave me acer had no option :(