Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Warning : This post is primarily for Mallus.

Just when the world was beginning to appreciate Hinglish and consider it as part and parcel of the Indianization of the world, along come us proud Mallus who stake claim to our own bastardization of the Queen's language.

This from a friend who wanted to ask me whether I was coming for the Maiden concert, and given a satisfactory answer proceeds to say:

Alright njaan ithu chothikkan vendi pingiyatha

Ping-iyatha! Brilliant, I say! And more and more words keep getting added to this ever-growing lexicon. They say fusion music is a wonderful marriage of eastern and western. To me, Mallufication is the perfect blend of languages - the tongue-twisting madness of extreme Dravidian languages and the upper-class, modern terminology of an ancient regal language.

What next?

"Sorry, njaan toilet-il thoorification cheyyan poyee"?

For the benefit of non-Mallus, which is about 92% of India and 2% of Gulf countries, the translation of the above are:
1. Alright, I just pinged to ask about this (Maiden concert)
2. Sorry, I went to relieve myself in the loo (formally speaking!)

For all those wondering, the friend in advisement is none other than GECT's guitar-brandishing hero, Mr. Raju 'Petruccinte achan' KP.


NRkey Menon said...

"thoorification" Ha!

Yegzzelend yegzamble!

Lekshmi said...

A classic one I remember hearing from my childhood:

"Runikko da! olamadal is falling!" :D :D

NRkey Menon said...

Hellow fellow FM,
thou hath been tagged to write six random things about yourself.

For more info please visit me blog!

Dhaangyu cheta! :)