Monday, December 15, 2008


I've bitched about Acer enough. I mean, I've ripped them apart at MouthShut, in several flowery emails to their customer care, and somewhere deep in the recesses of my own blog. I shouldn't be so mean to them, no? I mean, it's not their fault that the people who make their laptops have IQs hovering around single digits, it? I take back everything I said about Acer being crappy, shitty and all that. Infact, there are quite a few positive things to come out of my association with Acer.

And here they are.

1. Efficiency in OS installation gained - Having re-installed Windows XP at least 20 times over the last year at MICA, I've become so efficient at the process and have found roundabout ways to install it. If, for instance, you get a DLL file missing error during an install, don't panic, just pop out the CD, put in another WinXP CD and continue. Voila! I can now re-install WinXP in around half an hour and restore my system to the previous state with all software and drivers in less than an hour. Such efficiency, you will agree, comes with practice, which Acer gives you.

2. Constant backing up of documents - People with Dell and Lenovos get complacent because their laptops are made by good companies. Then in the once-in-a-lifetime hard disk crash or virus attack, people lose all their documents and this results in untold grief, suffering and heartbreak. Never with Acer. Because you're so panicky about when the next blue screen is going to come and wipe your system clean, that you end up taking a backup of all your documents and photos atleast once a week. Truly, this is a virtue imbibed in me by means of my association with Acer and their rickety computers.

3. Putting all your software installations in one place - When your laptop is such that it forces you to reinstall Windows every two weeks, you end up efficiently putting all your installation files together - from Acer drivers to Office2007, from CoolEditPro to International Cricket Captain. Why, you have all the software you need for a lifetime, and you can help others out who ask for software too! Look at the plight of the poor Dell user, who has to install Office once, and forget about it, because he is sure his system never crashes? Oh, but what happens when the pesky kid brother at home uninstalls it to get some disk space? And you can't finish your assignment for want of Powerpoint? For an Acer user, this is never an issue. He would always have all pertinent software files ready.

4. Trusting external storage - I really don't think this needs to be elaborated upon.

5. Intricate technical knowledge gained - When you interact with Acer's customer care and learns about its asininty, inefficiency and sheer unfriendliness, you take it upon yourself to do things yourself. When I was in Jamshedpur and something was fucked with my HDD, they asked me to take my laptop all the way to Patna. Where? Pat-effin'-na! So what did I do? Slam the phone down, and fix the HDD myself, all that was wrong was the pin was slightly loose. There you go. A few more years and I'll learn how to put together my own motherboard!

6. Avoiding serious injuries - Since the on-laptop mouse buttons are likely to die out in the first three days of operation, you end up buying a proper desktop mouse and hence reduce the chance of getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (okay, I made that one up, but heck...)

7. Internet and computer de-addiction - Since an Acer user will be without his laptop for atleast a month a year, he automatically gets a break from the highly addictive, black-hole-like world of the internet and computers. Why, my own Acer was in the service center for a month this year, and during that time, I learnt to appreciate the finer things in life. Like books, music, fellow human beings and writing with pens (wow!). Such luxuries and learnings are not, sadly, easily had by a Dell or Lenovo user who would be bleary-eyed after 15 hours on Facebook and Counterstrike.

8. An Acer teaches you patience - Infinite patience. Dell users are so uptight and get hassled over the simplest of things. Not an Acer user! We, who are used to waiting ten minutes for WinXP to boot up (imagine what it will do with Vista! A whole new species would be formed by the time!) do not get hassled by relatively smaller things like waiting for the bus or for boring lectures to end. We are blessed with such infinite patience, that even Chinese Kung-Fu masters come to us for lessons.

So there we are. Who says I hate Acer? Who, me? No, of course not! I positively love those penny-pinching morons who make computers out of sheer garbage. I think that itself is a great advancement in technology. Acer should be commended for making things which people can blog on, out of components that must have been rejected by Mitashi's MP3 factory.

On a parting note, here's a pic of my Craptop doing what it does best: Getting reinstalled on.


Abhishek said...

acer ought to make you their marketeer :D

sreekrishnanv said...

instead switch to mac .. just like i did !!

Nalini ( complecent Dell user) said...

hmm....explains your n my ext HDD should market your install-the-craptop realtime experience to people in module-sy classes. we could have a new skill developing on the campus :)

Neo2000 said...

I had an acer heck i even blogged abt it!! It was a beauty, never crashed in over a year and never needed any re-formatting. Till, of course, it got slated to go to younger sis! :D

Harshad said...

um, well, yaaaaawn.

buy a mac. get on with life :D

i am bragging about this so much, it's prolly gonna crash on me soon... though i take regular backups just to see the fundoo time machine graphics :P

Pratz said...

lolz...craptop indeed.... by the way...visited mica in november...brilliant institute man....had fun in a lecture by one of the profs

kavita said...

Oh my God!!


That was simply hilarious!!

Never had so much fun reading someone's plight!

Loved it!

Iam a proud owner of a HP na na na naaaa naaaa :P


vignesh said...

Man ur really great!! Your the one who find all positives in negatives!! Great!!

Shweta Nimare said...

brilliant piece....
im joinin ur club...acer-piidit :P
and btw, the laptop in d pic..oops i mean the craptop is gettin over charged...kindly disconnect the charger or else...u never kno wat hapens!! it myt even blast :P
gr8 job!

Anonymous said...

I have no clue why im reading about you and your pathetic acer, when I have a million unsolved problems of my own. But damn, you made me read it!! nice, I connect with the frustration big time. But mine was a Nokia.....anyway, like many of the others have suggested try a mac. But it might not give you ideas to the term