Saturday, September 13, 2008


A rather adorable member of the feline species happily strolled into a friend's room here at MICA. With most people on campus averse to letting pussies... Erm, cats into their rooms, here was a happy jolly friend who seemed quite welcoming to the idea.


me: How was lunch?
Arati: havent gone yet..
me: Shall we?
Arati: sure..
there is a cat in my room
me: :O
Arati: under the bed...
me: You keep him as a pet, or...?
Arati: it just walked in..
me: :P
Arati: what to do..


Anyway, the cute li'l critter (the cat, not the friend, although she comes close) inspired this post. You will soon know why it's called 'Cat and mouse'...

PS: For a bonus PJ on the same theme, go here.


Nithya Ravi said...

chooogyooot! :D

deostroll said...

Cat & 'mouse': I liked that one. :)

Neeraj said...

Chuck..ur new foray in visual PJ world...:)

dhruv said...

Hehehe.. Mice one buddy ;).. Came to know bout ur vblog frm PG
BTW.. this guy - I think Dushyant Bhatia has started a website - think he's from PG as well
Do u think it is work investing in it.. I went through a couple of PRs on google news about his website and a thread called "startup" in Chit Chat section.. good exposure to bloggers I feel. what do u think.. Please lemme know.. quite a few of my blogger frnds have already reserved their pixel buttons.. Am asking all the bloggers I'm coming across on PG.. so plz don't mind ;)