Friday, June 22, 2007


Right... So given all my MICA-zaniness and all, people have been asking me how the orientation went. Well, this is something I'd like to ask myself. How DID it go?

What we learnt:

1. That chicken tastes much, much better when it comes only twice a week. Something about absence making the heart, in this case, tongue and associated gastronomical entities, fonder.

2. Heavy lunch, air conditioning and economics is a perfect cure for insomnia.

3. If you don't sing in groups in autos, they'll switch on the horriblest of radio channels, so no matter how challenged by thy cords, vocalise!

4. A clever marketing ploy by !dea: Ask all their customer care executives to answer queries only in Gujrati so that noone will bother calling them up a second time.

5. If the orientation is anything to go by, we'll be seeing PowerPoint in our sleep. Oh, if we get any, that is!

6. Intentions of starting off a 'rock-only' practice session will peter out into AR Rahman eventually :|

7. 'Fountain' coke is a misnomer at the Chota. Now 'steady stream of droplets'...

8. Roxy can spot a chocolate cake at any point on campus. Don't believe me? Wait for the next birthday bash.

9. The best mass Communications school in India has the worst cellular range. If this keeps up, we'll have to call our college MIDA - Mudra Institute of Disconnections, Ahmedabad.

10. You can't download music or YouTube. Oh well. Atleast they have 300 Terabytes of songs and videos on the shared folder. Do they? Well, do they? Answer me someone? Hehe...

11. 70000 a year = 45 bucks per meal. Eat it up, folks!

12. No matter how much you crib about the system, when it's time to leave, you'll feel all nostalgic. It happened in Graduation, and it happened during orientation here.

"I believe you don't know what you've got until you say goodbye."
- Affirmation by Savage Garden.

13. Adding chilli powder to all your food definitely makes things interesting, especially in the latter part of digestion. Hell, who said that's not without it's side effects? ;)

14. A certain Institute that Develops Management has taken away three of our students, as of last count. Now we have a vengeance! :D

15. MICA tests your creativity alright. Try playing a drum kit without it's high hat and cymbal. Plates and buckets, did someone say?

16. Did I mention our batch has it all? Yoga instructors, rappers, musicians, graphologists, tech geeks, marketing brains, gourmets, astrologers, Chemical Engineers (!), online advertisers, dancers, photographers, debaters, writers, singers, quizzers... You name it!

17. Mobile scrabble is fun.

18. A committee is not a person who someone else is committed to.

19. Guitar picks are lost faster than weight in engineering college hostels.

This is to be continued!


aNSHUL dUGGAL said...

nice... very nice!!!
one for next post:
the level of creativity in song/poem writing, making cartoon, making pj is directly proportional to how boring the lecture is.

Did u really see nothing but the eye? said...

the masscomm title is not deserved...its a MarCom school u brand manager!


snaptrix said...

MICA has "oriented" Chuck.
I say
its time for Chuck to "orient" MICA??

Go get 'em Big C...

Note: I always knew you'd get back to BSB in the end. AR Rahman is but a stepping stone away from the likes of boy bands and pop muzikk...


jere said...

great observations..!!

TanZ said...

nice nice!!!

oh and i perfectly understand abt the vocalizing in the auto thing... we did quite a good job the last time, didnt we? except for the slight problem we had with the different versions of aadat... lol

Supriya said...

wow!!!! cool post and a very nice blog!!!! And that is how i found ur orkut profile, and the next question is written as a scrap there.... :)

neeraj said...

great chuck. I also wrote something abt orientation part but ur thing i smore comprehensive.