Friday, April 20, 2007


You know... It's been near a year since I passed out of college.
And I bloody miss the place. Yes, I do. I mean... I miss the :

1. Doing crosswords at the back of the Mass Transfer classes ;)
2. Random adjustments... Er... Standardization of values in the laboratory.
3. Scooting classes - who me :D
4. Poor Jokes. Again - who me? :P

Etc etc.

But damn, what I miss most about college was undoubtedly the band...

We were never an amazing bunch of musicians... I mean, more than a band we were a bunch of friends who happened to know an instrument each. I mean, look at me - could hardly play guitar without making timing errors but they still bore with me and let me in :D

I remember how we formed... Well... We never had a fixed band structure per se anyway. After the previous band that we all looked upon disbanded for various reasons - some of us put our heads together.

During the intersem college fest, our semester put together a decent performance and won - but we found another vocal and guitar talent in the younger semester.

And then, on college day a few days later, 'our' band -
Me on guitar,
Steents on guitar
Speed on keys and seconds
Reppai on guitar
Freaku on backing
Robin on lead vocals.

We sang three poppy-country types that the crowd seemed to like. However, Snoopy, the diminutive singer and Raju, the babyfaced guitarist, had set the stage on fire themselves. Snoopy in particular - whose voice bowled over the oestrogenic part of college and he has remained every girl's secret fantasy ever since ;-)

But yes, we put our heads together and decided - we all were fraud Mallus (most!), enjoyed hanging out together, etc. And we had similar taste in music.

Well, almost. Raju was clearly entrenched in Metal roots while some of us were a litte more practical - doing Metal numbers with a pair of cheap acoustic guitars and no drum kit was something even the men from Maiden and Priest would have found slightly difficult.

Well, eventually I got myself an electric - so did Raju. His dedication to the guitar was legendary (I suspect it still is!). And then came, oh horror, horror, Bhoomika 2005.

We practiced hard. Real real hard. We even rented a drum kit and a senior, a Metal \m/aniac called Thermal ;) volunteered to pound for us. And then on stage things sounded good. But something was wrong. The crowd was booing. Only after our show... In total shock did we realise the son of unmarried parents at the mixer had messed things up so wonderfully - the net effect being only guitars were audible. Noone could hear anything we sang.

I was so angry I almost broke my guitar in two. It took some saner heads to calm me, and us, down.

Anyways... We had a long long break after that... Time to recuperate, time to think.

Thermal and Reppai passed out. Speed, me and Freaku had less time to devote as we started off our CAT preps. Snoopy and Raju started jamming with a drummer called Shivas - a school dude who used to be at the same music school that Raju went to.

Eventually, we knew we could always ask Shivas to perform with us in college - we finally had our drummer and a kit! :D
Our first chance at redemption after the Bhoomika debacle came at an intercollege fest our college hosted - the team turnout was very low, but we knew that shouldn't deter us from giving it our best. Raju surprised us first by saying he was going to drum for us :D
Well, it didn't strike us at first that since this was a competition, Shivas wouldn't be allowed to participate. So we went along... And practiced real hard - some of the best preps I've done were for this event... And some of the most memorable.

Take It Easy... Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Speed -> Drummer!)... Like a Stone... We did well on all these, and it was a tad disappointing to finish second when we thought we were good enough for first place.

And then... Came the one shot to redeem ourselves... After the debacle of 05, we knew this was the poetically justice-giving way of ending college performances on a high - Bhoomika 2006.

I'll never forget those 15 minutes - inarguably the best of my engineering college life! We weren't perfect or anything... But the response, the music, the everything... From Adat to Nothing Else Matters... We called ourselves 'Swap' that day because we were swapping instruments like crazy :-D

Being in a band rocks. It'll teach you all you need to know about negotiation, time management, crisis management and thinking on your feet. I love you guys :)


Vipin said...

bhoomika wuz a debacle cuz we had virtually no mics!!!!!

kingrani said...

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