Saturday, December 09, 2006


Dementia returns. Another post outlining the life in Chennai follows.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet. Well, as pygmic and sucrosic as my previous posts, that is.

So what's been up this month?

An earth-shattering revelation for all of you now : My company has actually saddled me with work! Yes, can you believe it? Computer-gazing, keyboard-pounding, AC-room-sitting WORK!
But it really isn't too bad.

After all, I learnt a lot of Excel. And the fruit juice at the cafeteria rocks. Why, I'm upto my ears in Vitamin C!

What would a blogpost chronicling the happenings of the month of November ever be complete without a mention of the Common Admission Test? I allude of course, to the not-so-furry, but still very cranky, CAT.

I'll spare the gory details and just sum it up saying it was okay.

And by okay, I mean that I should get a call from MICA, which is all I care about anyway. I am not one of those people who get onto management education forums and post things like "my scr is 190....... ppl cn u tell me if i'll gt a call frm atleast 1 iim.... plleeeeeeeeeeeez... i'm deper8"! I mean, for Chrissake!!!!! :D

Moving on, the other exams were okay tool. My last post would have enlightened you on what is likely to happen when you don't make sure you're well-stocked with stationery before going to the exam hall. :|
So that's CAT, JMET, NMAT, SNAP down... XAT and FMS to go!

Moving on to life @ office.

The day is a very well-structured routine of getting there by ten, eating, doing some arbit work, Wiki-ing, pretending to work, checking mail to appear busy, more Wiki-ing (now you know why we call this the knowledge industry?), eating, drinking (er... fruit juice!), spending some time at the Gym (Really!!!), blah blah. Oh and eating.

People have asked me how *aesthetic* the place is. I'd say that Salim Ali would have had a decent time here. If you didn't understand this line, don't ask questions, just move on!

Get back home, read a bit, waste time on GTalk and Orkut before collapsing to bed with the soothing music of Iron Maiden putting me to sleep (yes, I have a strange choice of lullabies. Duh).

Uhmm... That's about it, really...

Let me confess I'm getting writer's block :(


narasimhan said...

Wow!! You are jobless, aren't you? what would i give to be in your position now... fruit juice, gym, salim ali,chennai... just great.. oh! and of course, work too..

Unknown said...

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