Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Yep. This Sunday I realised that I could make a decent manager, if any institution worth the foundation on which it is built decides to enlist me in it's rolls.

The reason for this sudden enlightenment is not because I have scored 99.9999999 percentile in certain exams abbreviated to give feline family members, or because Warren Buffet calls me up every other weekend to seek my advice on whether the market is bearish, bullish, or exhibits characteristics of any other member of the wildlife club.

This is because I sat through a whole Management entrance exam with just one pencil.

Yep. One - Ek - Onnu - Un - Uno - Waaaan - Pencil.

Sceptics who have for long believed that I should be in the safe custody of men in white coats may please use the Exit and leave for the time being and allow me to gloat over my fantabulous achievement.

For, ladies and gentlemen, and anything in-between, it is not easy to get through an exam with just one pencil.

Before I tell you why, let me give you the gory details.

On Sunday, 10th December, 2006 in the Anno Domini, I had two management entrance exams - JMET in the morning, NMAT in the afternoon.

I finished off JMET, rushed off to have a Pizza, and then caught an auto where the son-of-unmarried-parents charged me double the rate of what any conscientious auto driver would charge. However, the exam was scheduled to start soon, and I was not in a mood to discuss illegitimate gynaecology, so I decided to resign myself to this fate, and just hop into the auto. Did I mention it was raining?

On reaching the exam center, I was finally relieved. Until the time came to open my bag, to scavenge for my pencil box.

Now, at this point, I just ask you to think back. Look back into your life. Dig into the deep recesses of that scarcely-used medulla and see if you can think of any moment in which your heart feels like it's left it's casing and finds itself sinking?
That is how I felt when, on scouring my bag, I realised that my pencil case was not to be seen. No wood-enclosed graphite to be seen.

So I sheepishly had to borrow a pencil from the guy in front of me. And told the gal sitting behind me that I may borrow her sharpener during the course of the exam.

At the end of it, I finished a decent paper (how decent it was, I'll let you know on January 5!). But I was left reflecting. I managed to finish a goddamn 2.5 hour, 200 question paper with just a pencil. The operative word was 'managed'!

So on the bus ride (Oh no... Not that auto guy again!) back home, I reflected. Yes, the mirror helped, but not that type of reflect.

What skills did I realise I had? Hmmm....

1. I had to make sure that I used the lead properly - I had to do calculations for 100+ questions using them, and mark the OMR sheet. So I had to use a fine 50-50 between too light and too dark :-/

2. I had to use minimal calculations, obviously, so that my precious lead would not get wasted doing looooooooong calculations. So at the end of it, I actually managed to skip the questions that were extraneously long, and do the ones that required minimal calculations!

3. I had to put on a nonchalant face while signing the attendance sheet with a pencil, while everyone else did it with pen.

4. I used my pencil so economically that I didn't need to borrow the sharpener :D

5. I had to make sure I made no mistakes while marking else I'd have to borrow an eraser too :O

Well, there we are. Quite an insipid thing to post, I know, but for me, it was like a whole new realisation. I am now confident of steering a Fortune-500 company to greater heights after I pursue a Management degree.

PS: If that guy and that girl who were helpful during the exam happen to read this, thank you ever so much :)

Enough pencil-iary action for today!


Rehab Chougle said...

What do I say ...has Plum's ghost got into your something!
No matter what ..keep your promise of updating!!!
Its entertaining!

KT said...

You ass!! You almost escaped my ragging coz you forgot your f*****g "pencilbox" somewhere? Sheesh!! How naive..and how so very you :-P

Interesting post, tho.. I love the whole "son-of-unmarried-parents" line.. try the "person-of-dubious-fatherhood" next :-D

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ man. That was close. U are lucky to have recieved help from fellow competitors.
Times are pretty bad these days. People nowadays wanna see competition eliminated even before the exams begin !!!
By the way was the chick cute ???
As far as ur juggling act goes as to using lead economically u have shown the traits of a finance manager in the making.
How to Squeeze the maximum out of a toothpaste. And U are very sure that the auto driver's parents weren't married. They might have been in a live in relationship. And gynaecology is the last thing on anyone's mind before an important exam I presume !!!!!!!!!!!

vivek said...

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost

For want of a shoe, the horse was lost

For want of a horse, the knight was lost

For want of a knight, the battle was lost

So it was a kingdom that was lost all for the want of a nail.

In ur case,the nail is analogous to the pencil u forgot.

Anonymous said...
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Loquacious Devil said...

I'm sorry I can't leave a comment..for am gracing the floor of my networking lab by rolling over it laughing..the teachers along with my friends are staring..someone is saying am suffering from convulsions..:O my ex roomies r saying am being possessed by demons of emily rose..

I gotta speak 4 myself..m a devil myself :D

so will catch u later

aka said...



now tell me this!! what was your score? tis jan 24th today!