Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I know many of you are eagerly awaiting part two of the "Reflections" series after the first one was received with much fanfare and also ACfare and also Auto fare (Muahahaha!)

And I myself needed a few light topics to post on this blog after addressing matters of international importance like the need for Manmohan Singh to get tough with Pakistan :D

So, anyway... In a return to the insanity that has become synonymous with me, I present to you the happenings of the last month in this crazy little city which I have come to love.

When the last part ended, I was being fattened by the munifiscence of my company, who believed that their new recruits should be accomodated in nothing less than a four-star hostel. Hey, are we complaining?!

Anyway... The more cerebrally gifted among us got it into his head that these 14 days were not going to last forever, and so we decided to scout for houses. This involved scanning through the newspapers, consultations with people who've been-there-done-that, and frantic attempts at trying to talk in Tamil. For pete's sake, what's the effing point in advertising in an English newspaper if you can't effing speak the language?!!!

We stumbled upon a broker whose English was thankfully fluent, was rather decent, found a couple of good houses for us, and keeps helping us. Of course, he is dispossed to be in inebritated company in the latter hours of the night, hence rendering post-sale customer care slightly ineffective.

However, all this was taken in good humour, after all, man cannot live by bread alone. We see our first house, and take a liking to it. Spacious, all amenities are nearby, and dead cheap.
Being of cynical upbringing, we scan the area for possible chinks. At this very crucial point, I notice something like a swamp outside our window :

ME: So... Er... Are there mosquitoes here?
BROKER: Slight problem.
ME: Okay.

And when a broker says "slight problem", he probably means "This area has more mosquitoes than the Sahara has grains of sand. The last family who stayed here ended up looking like human dartboards. You'll be lucky if any of you survive malaria or dengue. Why the eff do you think we're offering this house to you this cheap?!"

However, we are also the adventurous sort, and not to mention desperate for a place to stay with the four-star honeymoon rapidly drawing to a close. So a week later, assuring ourselves that any plasmodians who had designs on our blood could be repelled by products of the Good Knight mosquito repellant company.

Of course, the area was what Mallus would describe as 'thara'. Shanty, let's say? We felt rather out-of-place as we walked in immaculately clean clothes (these adjectives are used because our laundry work is outsourced!) amongst a rather filthy environment en route to our bus stop.
And what exacerbated things was the fact that certain members of the bovine family decided that the roads were places where they could freely deposit the end products of their rather long digestive process. That was not exactly therapeutic for our sensitive noses :

And it wasn't that bad, actually. The weather in the area is pretty good, and the mosquitoes, even though they weren't 'slight', were tolerable. And then, late one night, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board decided to drop the bombshell. They cut off power :
And that, my friends, was when we realised what 'slight' meant.

We dismissed the event as a one-off problem, but this was the first of a few incidents, and we realised that staying in this house was untenable (un-tenant-able, maybe?). In the seasons where the sun decides to turn the intensity knob slightly higher, we'd have absolute hell. Add to that, we have a single-phase power connection. And any electrical engineer worth his salt will tell you that if you try to plug in two ACs on a single phase connection, then we'd have a party :P

So the search began for another house, and we found another one, in a more posh area, and will be moving there soon. In part three of 'Reflections', you shall be made privy as to whether there are rabies-spreading tarantulae preponderating the new residence.

Work, now. Or the lack of it!

It was a not out of place for the rest of the GECTians to wonder whether our gang was being paid to Orkut... Well, I was luckily in testing, which entails hardly anything to do, in training anyway, and we had a blast :D
Loads of blogging, CAT prepping, Wiki-ing, etc... All while pretending to listen!

And now... First few days in the company.
We are assured that the first three weeks would entail no work, and even the weeks that follow would have just nominal work. Hee hee.

I while my time away in the library, where there are a stack of magazines. I have greatly improved my GK and can now clearly see why they call this the knowledge-industry. :D

So, workplace. The place is amazing. The work culture, from what I hear, rocks. The cafetieria is great (the diameter of my waistline, and the presence of spare tyres will testify to that), and the gym is AMAZING (after CAT, I'm planning to join up... Hopefully, that will offset the goodness of the cafeteria!), and the systems are pretty good too. And since there's not much work to do, our team lead really doesn't mind if we take a few days off.

So, as of now, just a week into the company, things look good. Hell, I just want everything to go fine till CAT :D

Hmm... So what have we learnt this month?

1. 'Slight' is a very subjective term : :

2. Share autos are a boon to anyone in Chennai.

3. Chennai is actually a nice place. Spencer's rocks :D

4. Listening to Iron Maiden late at night and headbanging while noone notices is a great way to stay awake while studying for CAT.

5. Just because you live next door to a discount store doesn't mean you save money, because you're so carried away by the prices, you tend to buy more stuff :

6. I bought a tee that reads "Do the right thing. Then do the left one" :D :D :D

7. Working in software companies greatly improves many skills, like: Table tennis, snooker, carroms, Solitaire.

8. Going to the HR department and sheepishly saying that the tee that you got on induction day was of the wrong size is not a smart thing to do :

That's enough for now.
My next 'Reflections' post will come after the deadly feline on November 19 is over!


Bugs said...

If this is the current standard of blogging then maybe I should start blogging too where I could enlighten readers about the delightful journey through the digestive system or the life and death game on delhi roads :P

But all in all some really nice work Goball :P keep this up and you are gonna have a political party in your name very soon in chennai ;-)


anupa said...

deepak!! this is de first time im readin ur blogs.. man..they had me rolling!! now i knw wut my friends in chennai r goin thru!! nice wrk!! keep it up! waitin for de next one!

ChUcK said...

@ Bugs: The only party I'm likely to have here is a Birthday party :P
Okay, don't run down for it now... I was only kidding :D :D

@ Anupa: You have friends in Chennai? :O

And did you mean they were 'going through' something because of moi? ;)


Ammu said...

well written chucks, as always. read my humble blog now that I have scratched your back.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! absolutely! had me rolling in laughter!
You should be on the editorial board of Mental Floss!