Tuesday, March 07, 2006


1. SUNIL MANOHAR GAVASKAR : The man with over 10k, who could take the shine off any new ball? Gavaskar... The quintessential opener. Would flourish in today's game as well... But to put things in perspective, i hate his commentary.

2. MATTHEW LAWRENCE HAYDEN : With Gavaskar at the other end, you need someone to score runs as well. Matthew Hayden is the perfect manifestation of the modern-day opener : Brash, quick and successful. Drool... Sunny and Matty as an opening pair...!!!!!

3. DONALD GEORGE BRADMAN : 99.94, Period.

4. RAHUL SHARATH DRAVID : Yes, i think he is a better batsman than Sachin Tendulkar. Especially under crises. What, you want proof? Remember the 148 at Headingley? The 270 at Rawalpindi? The 180 at Kolkata? The 233 at Adelaide? He has played more match-winning innings than any other Indian. Tendulkar is a legend, yes... But does he have a portfolio of innings like THAT?!

5. ISSAC VIVIAN ALEXANDER RICHARDS : This is the attack in the middle order. Viv could take the dent out of any attack... And imagine Dravid and Gavaskar grounding the opposition bowlers to dust... Then, leaving Viv to smash the guts out of the hapless bowlers...

6. GARFIELD SOBERS : THE GREATEST CRICKETER THAT EVER EXISTED. Garry was a revelation... And could do anything on the cricket pitch. One feels that had he been asked to carry drinks, he would have made an art of that as well...

7. ADAM CRAIG GILCHRIST : Mind, i was in two minds whether to put Andrew Flower in this spot. But then I realised that none of the top 6 could be made to bat any lower down the order... But if I was asked to select the best batsman-keeper of all time, i would definitely opt for Flower. But in the context of this exercise, my vote goes for Gilly... a terrific striker of the ball... and in the unlikely situation that a team of this stature can find itself in the ditch at 50/6 or something, Gilly is the man who can get them out of it... And add to that, he is such an acrobatic keeper... From the day he got boo-ed when Ian Healy was kicked out of the team to make way for him... He's come a long way...

8. WASIM AKRAM : The greatest left-arm fast bowler ever. His guile and variation will complement the sheer pace of Marshall. Plus, when you have number 8's who can score 257 not outs...

9. SHANE KIETH WARNE : The man who brought the art of leg-spinning out of the deep dark canyons that it was dug into, and out into the open... And taking 600+ wickets in the process. If this man does not make it into the all-time XI, I don't know who will. Consider, he had to take wickets when his bowling mates were McGrath and Gillespie. I rest my case.

10. MUTTHIAH MURALITHARAN : What, you say? TWO SPINNERS? And why not? We should consider ourselves fortunate to have the two best spinners ever playing in the same era... But what if they played in the same team? The man who can ostensibly make the ball "spin on glass"... His variations ... Some sort of Akramian incarnation in a spinner's body... A true genius... And to just picture him bowling alongside Warnie... Wow !!!

11. MALCOLM MARSHALL : Undoubtedly... My favourite out of the West Indian pace battery... His career should have been much longer...

12th Man. JONATHAN NEIL RHODES : When you want a sub fielder, why not go for the very best? The only man to win a Man-Of-The-Match award for his fielding, Jonty was the way to go!

So there we are... 5 batsmen, one bowling allrounder, one wicketkeeper-batsman. Two pacers, two spinners. You have one more quality seamer in Sobers. Just ferpect, isn't it..!


Aditi said...

hey Chuck!

greatly balanced team :)
how come Brian Lara is left out ?[then , of course I dont know ur favorites]When he gets going he's such a treat to watch.
Also barring Sir Bradman , all others r alive so on those ground shudnt Lara be included;)


ChUcK said...

LARA : he fires only once in ten matches... yeah, he's amazing when on song... but his inconsistency is a factor...!!!!

Thanks... didn't know you were a cricket fan..! Good to see girls as hardcore fans of the game!