Sunday, March 05, 2006


So... We get up early morning, reluctantly, in order to practice... Perfunctory attempts at ablutions follow... The same stinky tees we wore the day before embraced our torsos.. And off we practice. Keep in mind that till now, we hadn't practiced with a full drum kit... We were doing only two songs :
  • Before the dawn : Judas Priest
  • Like A Stone : Audioslave
And the former didn't require drums. The latter, however, did.. And Babyface resorted to drumming on the back of our acoustic guitar for practice!
So off we go with our axes for the show... The two teams before us blew us away... And then we got on... Totally messed up the first song, where our acoustic was as audible as Shivnarine Chanderpaul during an interview. Second song went off like a dream, though! Came out really well. But we knew that we blew it. Oh well. Decided to watch the other teams as well... They were a mix of good and fair. After officially confirming that we didn't make the judges' top 3, we went off... Along with another team, back to Thrissur. Of course, we had to get down at Kochi to return the effects unit. And this is when the fun starts.
For those of you who don't know, there are two stops at Kochi : south and north. Coming from Trivandrum, South comes first. The train was not supposed to stop at south, where Draco's house was. So when the train made one of those unplanned stops at some point before South, Draco wanted to get off. Here goes the conversation :
DRACO : I'm getting off here, guys...
US : See ya, mate...
*Draco gets off*
BABYFACE : So, what's our plan?
CHUCK : Get off at North, take an auto to Vaduthala, and return the unit...
BABYFACE : And the money...?
CHUCK : Oh, some 20 bucks by Auto...
*It was at this pivotal point that realisation dawns on us. There are certain times in your life that realisation dawns. Like when your fave team does not win the FA Premier League. Or when you realise you have no more underwear left. This was one of those moments. No, we had our underwear, but what we didn't have was money. Draco was our sole World Bank this trip, and he said he'd give us the money before getting off. Looks like all of us forgot.*
SNOOPY : (frantically calls up Draco) Get off, everyone!
*So we hurriedly jump off the train, in the middle of nowhere, and walk to the point where Draco was standing. We walk with him in unseen-by-civilization places, and reach an Auto. The unit was returned, and we get a late night train back to Thrissur.*
And i lost a temporary filling while eating a Cheetos. Do not ask me how that happened.
Back at the hostel... Took a bath that felt like heaven, considering we were bereft of Sodium salts of carbonyl... Oops... Soap for two days. Getting rid of that tee itself gave an effect that a wave of Rexona engulfed the world.
So... We didn't win anything, we lost all the money we had, but we had loads of fun. You get the same experience while visiting Vegas, for a pittance of the cost. Good fun, ya! Maybe our next sojourn into the streets will bring a Disneyland-like experience!

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