Saturday, March 11, 2006


Now what do I write about today? I have as much political insight as a dead chihuahua, and my views on life are as boring as college lecture hours. But hey, I registered here, so might as well get some crap in...
I'll just pick up some random topic and go along..

I was walking down the river,
And i saw something that gave me a quiver.
It was a tarantula, all squished and dead,
It looked like hostel food it had been fed.

The poor scary thing, lying there flat,
On this vision, i too, on a rock, sat.
I thought, it could have been worse.
Atleast the ending was very terse.

It looked like it had a car run over it,
I imagined the scene and said, oh sh*t.
I drank my bottle of apple cider,
and i was glad i wasn't a spider.

Okay, I know that sucked. It probably sucked more than a Black&Decker Vacuum cleaner. But the point is, seeing a dead tarantula can leave a deadly implant on your mind, scarring you for life. Oh, you think not?
Well, my friend, try the following exercise...

1. Go and get yourself a tarantula. This can be easily arranged for by anyone who frequents the continent of Africa every fortnight. Otherwise try eBay.
2. Squish it. This can be done by placing it in the path of incoming automobiles.
3. Observe it.
4. Think of the above poem.

You see your doubts and yourself melting away, as MKG put it?


Anirudh said...

You happen to have a tarantula some place?

i liked the!

ChUcK said...

Try the Tarantula mart... oh, we don't have one in Kochi?!

eBay it is, then...

And really, the poem sucked. Now you know why my blog is called chronicles of dementia !!


Anirudh said...

me lost my wallet. no hope for eBay..anyway I am too kanjoos to get it from eBay. Was hoping u would have one so I can enjoy the Chronicles of a Tarantula for free..

Keep "poem"ing. You will hit big some day. Why don't u write some lyrics for ur band?

ChUcK said...

Firstly, because I find it very hard to come up with inspiration. You can't hope to make a top 20 hit with lyrics about Tarantulae who get run over by vehicles...!

Secondly, our 'band' is a euphemism for a few people who get together for a show... heh heh...